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    Will this run WoW fine?


    So my cousin wanted me to buy him a computer for graphics, animation and editing but he has had a better offer and said I could have the PC I brought for him.

    The PC is here:


    Would WoW run fine on this?

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    Re: Will this run WoW fine?

    Junk/waste of money.

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    Re: Will this run WoW fine?

    Quote Originally Posted by chaud
    Junk/waste of money.
    Can you please tell me why?

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    Re: Will this run WoW fine?

    You could probably build something identical for the same price with better brands at the same price with new components, that's why it's terrible.
    Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all. - Charles Babbage

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    Re: Will this run WoW fine?

    The question was will this run wow fine.

    I still need the answer.

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    Re: Will this run WoW fine?

    Not very well, nope. CPU is weak, GPU is weak, not much RAM.

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