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    Pitbull 4 help

    Hi there, after using x pearl for so long I wanted to change to something. Pitbull is nice and clean but i'm having a few problems I need help solving please.

    * How can I set all health bars to green?
    - At the moment they are class specific and it's hard to see them without staring directly at them
    * How can I enlarge the target debuff size?
    - without making the frames huge I can't see where to make the debuffs bigger anywhere.
    * Is there an aggro warning at all?

    *Can I get bigger pvp icons?


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    Re: Pitbull 4 help

    You're looking for PowerAuras Classic.
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    Re: Pitbull 4 help

    Thanks a lot!

    Edited it out of my first post.


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    Re: Pitbull 4 help

    /pb - Layout Editor, and select the layout the contains the specfic frames.
    Bars - Health Bar.
    Unchecking Color by Class will have the bar green when full, but fading towards red when low health.
    To have a consistent colour, check Custom Color and pick one, with the background showing the deficit being a darker shade, but by checking Custom Background, that can be changed too.

    Not a text aggro warning, but you can have the health bar turn red once a unit has aggro through one of the modules, called Aggro I believe.
    Not sure immediately about the debuffs since I have not played with the auras yet, but it should be under auras.
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    Re: Pitbull 4 help

    debuff size can be changed in the layout editor-->auras-->debuffs

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    Re: Pitbull 4 help

    Wohoo, thank you, got it all working cheers. ;D ;D

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