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    Boiling Blood - Saurfang HM

    Somebody told me pallies cannot bop boiling blood victims to reduce damage anymore, is that true?

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    Re: Boiling Blood - Saurfang HM

    Did not notice anything yesterday, or do you mean by today's reset?

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    Re: Boiling Blood - Saurfang HM

    Yes u can use BoP so far as i know

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    Re: Boiling Blood - Saurfang HM

    Eh I heard this rumor like a month ago and it wasn't true back then. I didn't notice it being different last night either, but because I was tank healing instead of healing marks due to one of our holy paladins being absent, I didn't really pay attention to it either.

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    Re: Boiling Blood - Saurfang HM

    It removes the boiling blood, so you only need it to go no and can be removed instantly. Can be used to delay the 1st mark thrown out.

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    Re: Boiling Blood - Saurfang HM

    did saurfang 25H yesterday and BOPs still removed BB as normal

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