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    my 7zip does not appear in the context menu

    so i installed 7zip on my laptop with default settings, and normally, if i were to right-click on a file with .zip extension (like the rawr installation download), it would appear in the context-sensitive menu. but it does not. when i look at the windows screen "open extension with a certain program by default", .zip does not appear there as well.

    is there anything special i have to do in order for 7zip to appear in the context menu? i have windows 7 64bit home premium, on an acer aspire 5741G:

    i5 430M
    Geforce GT320

    if it is anything worth, the PC default came with Mywinlocker, but i don't know what that is or if it has any effect on it.

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    Re: my 7zip does not appear in the context menu

    Had the exact same problem myself.

    I think the problem was that I installed 32bit version first and tried to install 64bit version over it or something silly like that. Anyway, uninstall+reinstall fixed the problem and it appears now in the context menu.

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    Re: my 7zip does not appear in the context menu

    do you mean 32/64 bit version of 7zip?

    edit: it's solved now. thanks for the assistance.

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