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    why has no one bought the rights to timesplitters yet?????

    Lets start with, i heard last year sometime about a new timesplitters and to be honest i got really excited. i loved all 3 of the others and timesplitters future perfect was loved by me and all of my friends, we would have 4 player brawls with 16 bots for hours on the weekends.
    what i loved about it was the fact that it was manic as hell, it had a bajillion guns, was one of the fastest paced games out, it had a nearly endless challenge mode and to boot it had hundreds of chracters to play as, which went from the perfectly normal looking to the outstandingly weird.
    it had a fairly good storyline to all, although they sort of sealed it up in the last one.

    my question really is WHY has no one picked up this since the company went bust, if they kept 90% of the gameplay from the last one and just say turned the multiplayer online 16-24 players or something i get the feeling it would be golden. How about you?

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    Re: why has no one bought the rights to timesplitters yet?????

    I personally loved Time Splitters Future Perfect it is one of the best FPS games I've played and I also had mad game sessions with friends but personally I'd rather have seen Time Splitters end on a great game as opposed to the franchise gradually declining and become a stagnant cesspit.

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    Re: why has no one bought the rights to timesplitters yet?????

    Time Splitters is one of my top FPS of all time up there with the first Perfect Dark. It was ahead of it's time. My issue is if someone else gets there hands on it they're likely to change it up a lot.. probably to the point where it wont be THE Timesplitters anymore.

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