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    new mouse vs keyboard

    So basically, I'm going to replace either my keyboard or my mouse, none of them are extremely suitable for mmo's since I only played fps when I bought them. So now to my question, what do you think is the smarter choice for mmos: a razer naga mouse or a logitech g110 keyboard, feel free to add other suggestions

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    Re: new mouse vs keyboard

    Are you a clicker or do you keybind?

    If you are a clicker the mouse if not the keyboard.

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    Re: new mouse vs keyboard

    If you don't have a billion macros you should consider a mechanical keyboard from here:

    If you do need the extra functions the Logitech isn't a bad choice, it's definitely one of the better brands as far as mass produced keyboards go, but nothing will beat the quality of a good mechanical keyboard :P
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    Re: new mouse vs keyboard

    Quote Originally Posted by Dethh
    Are you a clicker or do you keybind?

    If you are a clicker the mouse if not the keyboard.
    Did you even think before making that post?
    Do you know what the Naga even is?

    I'm guessing you're going to say no, to both.

    Go with the Naga, unless you're having response issues with your keyboard

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    Re: new mouse vs keyboard

    I have just bought a new mouse and a keyboard ill get in a few days. I just got http://www.ebuyer.com/product/90259 becuase 1) its really cheap, and got 2 buttons on the side of the mouse. Im looking for a new keyboard, an ergonomic one with the wrist attachment.

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