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    Re: Female Worgen Preview Pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Aiushtha
    I like it. Finally there is a race in WoW that looks totally badass.

    I mean... that face literally spells "dont mess with me, or have your balls removed through your mouth".

    LOVE IT!

    no more cartoonishly evil horde races, this one ACTUALLY looks evil.
    I lol'd at this. Those cat-women look like nice, cute little puppies that every fucking furry is going to fap on. Horde races like orc and troll are really evil looking, at least in WC3 cutscenes, but do know that inside every muscular Hulk-orc there's a little heart inside. And you just broke it.

    Oh and anyways the model looks like female draenei, just a bit less goat-like and a bit more cat like. gg.

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    Re: Female Worgen Preview Pictures

    Eww, I am happy that it's still in progress! Because there need to be alot more changes, they are ugly now.

    Paladin? I am not a Paladin, I am a Holydin!

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    Re: Female Worgen Preview Pictures

    looks epic

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    Re: Female Worgen Preview Pictures

    Wow. All of this mindless furry hate and generalizing makes me facepalm. It isn't really surprising, though.

    Also, happy birthday, Boubouille!
    Moving on, I love the model. It reminds me of a female troll in the sense that it's athletic and lithe looking.

    I can't wait to see the more feral faces. Also, they have the best hair ever. I look forward to rolling at least 3 Worgen characters.

    I(badly) drew some hair on them just for kicks. Belenus did it better than I did, though.

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    Re: Female Worgen Preview Pictures

    WTB less furry comments

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    Re: Female Worgen Preview Pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Treeston
    Looks more like female foxes.
    Actually foxes have a smaller and more tapered snout. These look like ...erm...great danes I think.

    At least they actually look canine, unlike the male.

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    Re: Female Worgen Preview Pictures

    These has nothing to do with a wolf but a cat maybe?

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