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    the PVP spriest these days are pretty amazing actually. Even as someone who has just enough gear to get by in the wild can defeat 90% of the classes thrown at me.

    I have trouble with DKs and Rogues are almost always hopeless.

    Everyone else though, I have a counter to. I can silence casters, dispell their buffs and debuffs, I can avoid a warlocks fear, and dispell their immunities to my spells. Paladins are easy to kill because most of them rely to much on their bubble, which I just dispell.

    Glyph of Dispell is nuts for PVP as well... almost to the point where when i'm up against a frost mage, and I see I have 3 magic debuffs on me, I almost am happy.

    80 Kingslayer Shadow Priest - Spirestone

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    Warlocks can be disappointing. I had been a lock for a long time, playing fanaticly since vanilia but my passion for the class faded. Propably because the concept of the class gets tiring easily.
    Priests have become very insteresting recently and tbh shadow is a realy good copy of affli if not better.
    It has what locks lack in survivability and can sometimes play the role of the dotter better. Not to mention you can switch to healing if things get pinchy.
    If you somehow get tired of shadow you can always go healing. By now i've played every healing class in the game and i can say that priests are by far the most interesting healers out there.
    Also, look at cataclysm. The incoming abilities look awesome and tbh i cant wait for holy grip.
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    Hi i am any class in the game. To beat me spam icelance and then talk about how skilled you are when the 20k crits roll in.

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