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    Sub ran out did not receive 5 free days

    I guess you only get the 5 days if you had a running automatic renewal subscription. I usually subscribe and then cancel so I choose if I want to play for the next month. My sub ran out today and I did not receive the 5 days.

    Bullshit if you ask me.

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    I don't think they've finished applying the game time to all
    accounts yet. It's not an instant process.

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    Same thing happened to my friend. He had to buy another month.

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    I want my $2.00 off a regular monthly subscription price NAO!~!~

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    no one has gotten it yet, the problems are still taken care of and there's 10 million ppl to hand out subs to

    and i dont understand the problem, are you gonna continue play then what's the big deal? you save like 2 euros/3 dollars

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