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    What will you be maining in WoD?

    Hello everyone!
    I have almost all classes in highlevel (85+), and I can't decide what to pick.
    Maybe I will go with my Shaman.

    What about you guys? What will you main in WoD?

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    I'm having a hard time figuring that out myself. Been playing a hunter mostly for the last couple of years so I will probably put that one on the back burner for WoD. I've been having fun tanking with a warrior and druid. I've been having fun healing on a shaman. Been having fun dpsing with a frost DK.

    I'm leaning toward the tanking druid or warrior with the druid being slightly ahead.

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    Warrior with Gladiator Stance RAWWWR!

    Khetana of the Four Winds (disc/shadow)
    Pretty much retired now... but coming back for WoD!

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    I'm planning to stick with my shaman, since I played/raided on a DK tank/dps and hunter in WotLK and in Cata. Been enjoying my pew pew shaman well as healing on her in MoP along with my warrior tank.
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    ill prob play as monk and my shaman abit to even if they are ruining them more.

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    Probably ret paladin as I have mained him since wrath.

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    From feral to lock

    The ease of play will go through the roof

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    Not sure yet. Need to see how the class abilities shake out. Although I'll almost certainly come back for WoD, I'm also a bit unsure about how much I'll play, so that factors in too. If I just want to level fairly easily and maybe LFR a bit then hunter is probably the easiest way to go. I have a high level rogue, DK, priest and druid too, so if the expac looks really compelling for one of those classes I might do one of them instead.

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    It'll most likely be my precious lock <3

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    WW Monk all the way

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    My Druid, main since TBC.

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    Assassination or Subtely Rogue ofc!

    trolling ppl who want to reach max lvl as fast as possible in world pvp is priceless!

    + stealth and vanish are rly good for doing quests for the first time and learning dungeons.

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    Prot warrior my main and my dps warlock

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    I have three choices, Druid(MoP main), Death Knight(Cata main), or my third my newly boosted Shaman. This expansion sounded like it would have a lot of orcs and shaman so I hoped there would be a shaman legendary . I'm still deciding. Im leaning towards DK though.
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    The same main I have now - Darsithis, DK tank.

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    Mage. Spec will depend on how they all pan out in WoD.
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    Simple answer would be my holy paladin that I've mained pretty much since I started, but I don't think I like the direction they are going so I may switch to my shaman or dk. I'll have to see more when it comes, or if I get to play beta to see how they feel.

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    99% sure i'm going with my Windwalker. Paying close attention to how gladiator stance turns out though.

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    Pretty sure I'm sticking with hunter, as it's been my main since the end of TBC.

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    I'm excited for new incarnation of the eclipse bar for balance druids hopefully it doesn't turn to shit and i hope shooting stars is balanced correctly since its a huge part of why i like balance

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