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    Scale dungeons to level. All Mythic at 100 (optional) for better rewards.

    Personally, that would make my day.

    A few other things they could do with this:

    --Before entering dungeon, allow a vote system (kind of like an FPS). System picks a number of dungeons, you select/vote which one you'd like to run. Dungeon is set based on amount of votes.

    --Add in new rewards such as pets/mounts to certain dungeons that feel lackluster currently.

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    Scaling of old dungeons (and raids) to make it competitive/relevant again is something they should have implemented long time ago imo.
    It's a waste to have that much old content, with that much mechanics, that is only used to be soloed using a god mode buff. There is 0 incentive for non maxed char to run those old dungeons/raids outside of leveling.

    There is no need to update them at all imo, just a few number and loot table tweakings.
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    I voted 'no' because while I would like it to be an option to do this (i LOVE timewalking), I don't want it to automatically scale my level. I hate it when in other games you cannot out-level an area because you're automatically down leveled. As an option, it works great, as a mandatory thing I don't want it. I spend half my time in old content blowing through it for xmogs and mounts and stuff, and that would destroy a lot of my fun IF it was mandatory. As an option -- yes please!

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    this is one of those things that might look good on the surface, but is bad in the end.

    for example: an option like this would again reduce the actual number of dungeons each expac (which is already far too low.), because "why make new ones when we will just be able to make them run all the old ones over again.".

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    Would it be optional, so that you could still solo them if you want to? Probably.
    Would it not be optional? No way.
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