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    WoW next xpack speculations

    What will be the next WoW expansion about? Is there coming more WoD expansions? Do we see Gul`dan again? What new class / race you wana see in the furure??

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    Have you not read the 50+ Fanmade expansion ideas and or supposed leaks?

    Edit: if its another burning legion expansion or time travel alternate universe or were still on Draenor Expansion im not buying its Azshara/South seas or bust

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    I bet there will be orcs in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddd View Post
    I bet there will be orcs in it.
    And humans.

    As well, can we limit the threads a bit? There's so many overall speculation threads, I know it is more difficult when it is a themed leak etc but the discussions could be better gathered.
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