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    How to contact blizzard outside of game tickets?

    I took a break from wow for a while, and I want to play again, but my account is locked. How do I send a ticket? I've been looking for the customer support ticket option for a while to contact them, but all it gives me is live chat and phone. Did they remove the ticket option?

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    I don't even know anymore.

    You can submit a ticket at the bottom.
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    Thanks Leaks, adding to this - we offer live chat and phone callbacks at different times throughout the day for the various regions. If ever you find that those options (which display at the bottom of the Support Portal) are not available, their times will be listed. One other thing: pop-up blockers tend to interfere with the site. If you are visiting those pages, please temporarily turn those off when doing so.

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    It's amazing how much Blizzard is trying to help the fanbase out, helping out at fansites!
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