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    Metallica, WoD and an eerie coincidence.

    As I started leveling an alt, I decided to listen to a stream of Metallica at Blizzcon.
    Several strange coincidences stood out, and I must state these were unique to my leveling experience.

    0:00 started the vid and started my journey to start the portal scene. By the time I got to Kadghar (sic) and started the quest (roughly 4 mins) "Hit the lights" had started.

    As I was freeing the conduits of the iron dark portal, "Master of Puppets" played.

    As i mounted the cannon to devastate the Iron Horde while Dwarfy McDwarfface readied the mega gun to shoot the portal, "Ride the Lightning" rang out.

    Once I started to set up my garrison, I was asked to mark trees, "Harvester of Sorrows" plays...

    I set up my inn, a cut scene enveloupes my screen, to the tune of "Fade to Black".

    I'm sent on a quest for garrison goodies, to "Fuel" ("gimme fuel gimme etc...)

    Then not much out of the usual happens (Cyanide).

    Then we realise we are done with our Garrisons for now, (Sad but True)

    Then we quest...(One)

    ...dispensing justice (For whom the bell tolls)

    to all who deserve it (Creeping Death)

    Before we have to log and go to bed (Enter Sandman)

    Drifting off..."oh noes! gotta put my phone on charge!" (Battery)

    Planning my future WoD conquests (Seek and Destroy).

    So this is obviously the Metallica expac. It was all there at Blizzcon.

    Synchronization Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz would be proud of....
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    lol - nicely written.

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