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    Toy story 3

    I loved it,it brought back old memories,anyone else liked it?
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    Never seen it, was planning to...But whenever I see something like this I feel im gonna get ripped off

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    Great movie thats for sure. Brought back the days i watched Toy story like 3 times a day.

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    I wasn't getting too excited about it. I'm a huge Pixar fan but it being a 3rd movie, and I didn't LOVE 2, I wasn't expecting a ton.

    I was really impressed. It was waaay better than I ever could have imagined and really funny. Kids and parents were all laughing the whole time. I was 7 in 1995 when the 1st was released and it brought back a lot of memories.

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    THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST. Very very old memories, and their best one, the last 30 minutes was pure greatness, best movie of the summer/year (if Inception cant beat it.) The puppy having gray hair and all made me feel very old, and I'm only 19!

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    Haven't seen it I want too.

    I told my little brother and he looked at me like I'm odd. I almost smacked him for questioning the awesomeness of toy story.

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    OMG I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

    made me think of my fav toy ah yeas dino bot

    to bad i saw him die once on tv

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    The funny thing was is when Toy Story 3 was on the trailers for other movies i swear i heard the biggest gangster say out loud " shit Son now thats a movie kids need to watch, i remember that shit"

    I frigin laughed man/

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    it sitting in 6th position on IMDB's top 250 list with around 18k votes lets see how its going once it hits 100k votes and we'll see how it is

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    I liked it. Was a childhood movie, and it was a great way to end it.

    No real flaws to the movie except it felt kinda like the plot of Toy Story 2, and the Theater was full of god damn kids who wouldn't stop crying or talking.
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    dont not go see it because youre old. I went to a nine thirty showing and the theater had no children, just a bunch of adults and teens XD

    I loved Ken and barbie, god they were funny.

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    I saw it the other day and thought it was quite good. If you saw the first 2 as a kid, definately gotta go see number 3!

    Make sure you toughen up before watching it though, seems to have a rep for making men cry.

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    Toy Story 1 was amazing.
    Toy Story 2 was amazing.
    Toy Story 3 was amazing.

    I'm so glad that Pixar didn't mess this franchise up. One of the best trilogies, ever.

    Oh and what did you guys think of 'Day & Night'? That Pixar-short before the movie?

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    not to NOM NOM NOM TS3, but as far as adult friendly kid movies (see: TS1&2)
    i was pleasantly surprised to see it managed to remain true to its roots after all these years

    as good as the first, even better than the second
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    Pixar always manages to be cute and funny on many levels, while not being overly cheeky or dull. They amaze me with every new movie anew. The one thing that I notice in pretty much all of them is, that they manage to have two types of jokes or comedy simultaneously, that which small kids laugh about, and humor that most likely largely escapes kids - both intelligent and in decent amounts. That, in my eyes, is what makes their stuff REAL family "tv".

    Also strangely, despite it being all CG, you don't ever get the impression of overused special effects. The stories and scripts are rich and well worked out on their own, and so have no need for bling and boom to cover up, I just love it! And they never blew it! I was VERY skeptical about Cars, but I just loved it when I finally went to see it. It's not my nature being that uncritical, but by now, I'd give every movie of them at least 4/5 stars without having seen it by now. TS3 keeps up to this incredible tradition. (Which is even more amazing: Fully CG and a third part - every other movie with these properties would most likely have been shittier than shit =))

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    it made me kinda sad really and made me even more worried about going off to uni because i will be leaving all my toys behind and they may get given to a play school >.<

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    Alright, now I HAVE to watch it. The first movie was my favorite movie for a long long time when I was young, I've watched it so many times. Still such a sad song Buzz sings when he realizes he's just a toy and jumps from the stair-rail.
    The second movie was kinda underwhelming, at least for a pixar movie, but now I'l definately watch the TS3.

    Quote Originally Posted by Patman View Post
    Make sure you toughen up before watching it though, seems to have a rep for making men cry.
    "Hey buddy, 'you cryin'?"
    *Sniff* "Err...NO, something just flew in my eyes"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akhom View Post
    The second movie was kinda underwhelming, at least for a pixar movie, but now I'l definately watch the TS3.
    Man, I thought the second movie was just as good as the first. I don't know what movie you were watching, lol.

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    Havn't seen, but I want to!

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