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    Imma go with i wanna be the guy. i tried it once...yeah...no harder levels for me i did the easiest 1 possiblw and...well...the beginning credits kill you...wtf?

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    Mhh... From my childhood, when i was not so "skilled" with gaming, i'd say Contra 3 for Snes (Think it was the 3rd)

    And for more resent games, Resident Evil two, never could complete that game -.-

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    Really. I'm to stupid to complete it.

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    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    Q: But who are the forum QQers going to QQ at now?
    A: They'll find another name and still miss the point that Blizzard designs as a collective.

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    Naw. Probably a heavily modded version of Fallout 3.

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    Hardest game (not necessarily in difficulty) for me would have to be Final Fantasty XIII. It just seemed to go on forever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by unordinary View Post
    Hardest game (not necessarily in difficulty) for me would have to be Final Fantasty XIII. It just seemed to go on forever!
    I will admit, it's hard NOT to put down that game.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ayirasi View Post
    You're right. Blizzard shouldn't have temporarily banned you. They should have sent a couple employees to your residence to Jay and Silent Bob you.
    Quote Originally Posted by ragnarokvr1 View Post
    I saved a man's life today by performing brain surgery and removing a tumor the size of a quarter from his frontal lobes. God damnit I wish I wasn't ignorant though, cause I have no idea what an LSAT is. I don't know the radius of the Moon either.
    I took part in the LSAT/Cataclysm release date thread.

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    Whoever said FF X2, wow just wow, 40ish hours (depending on how good you're at with Sphere Break) and you'll beat the game 100%, you just have to go everywhere. Like, Don't fly on your ship till you're done with the chapter. Its so easymode.

    Wolfenstein (orginal pc version) cause I haven't played it in 16 years, and... this Dick Tracy game for the Sega Genesis. Play it, I dare you.

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