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    I usually try to find a suiting name depending on what race I pick

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    Everytime I create a new character I base it on how I'm feeling at the moment.
    So I have alot of characters named Futsukayoi (hungover), Yopparai (Drunk), Shippai (Fail) and my current rogue alt is called; Seiko (*功) meaning sucess
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    Menardis, I often draw inspiration from other games I've played over the years while naming my characters. This one was Golden Sun, an overlooked pseudo 3D RPG on the Gameboy Advance, where one of the game antagonists was called Menardi. To date I think only one person has recognised the connection and whispered me about it, same as one person has recognised my 'Mend and Defend' battlecry from Reboot, a 90's kids show... xD

    I seems to suit a Priest quite well.
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    Ah, but the Church of the Holy Light does not recognize a pope. The highest authority is the Archbishop of Stormwind, and even that can be contested.

    I would probably report you, if you played on my server.

    It explains why youre from Belgium..
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    Named my Troll Priest Papadoc ( and no its not from 8 mile) after the crazy Haitian President who believed in voodoo and ruled like a dictator. Thats just sounds very trollish

    and i saw a shadow priest name Shadowmoses made me laugh (a Metal Gear fan)

    and ofc anything to do with NGO names


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    This is my first toon in my sig, a male night elf priest. Named Deltrus.
    Now most of my toons are some variation there of, but I still try and keep most of them having fairly decent names. So Deltrus is for a male, for a female, Deltress. It has that feminine touch. ^_^
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    ur excellent performance makes ur name impressive, no matter what it is.
    On the other hand, ur awful deed makes people thinking u wasted a wonderful name...

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    I like benedictus but that name is taken

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    My priest is named "Cronie" and i like it

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    I have a Nightelf priest called Lunesca.

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    My Priests are called Luamara, but they wanted to be called Lumara (lumen in Latin - light). It wasn't avalable on my realm...

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    Not my Priest's name, but my favorite that I've seen is Suturself (a Spriest friend of mine that only heals when he has to lol)
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    My female blood elf priest's name is Ládyboy.

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    Cura or Curaga, from Final Fantasy. :3

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    Had a shadow priest named "Crowley". Seemed fitting.

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    Yahweh (10chars)

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    Mender. Name from a comic I read as a kid. Yea it states my role but all I do is heal anyway

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    The name Hova, or Hovaa. my favourite character name so far !
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    My priest is Mztickle... you see what I did there

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