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    Lui3 broke when i updated Grid.

    so i have been using Lui3 for a while now, finding it fun and good. the addon FAQ said that i could update any addon except recount. now, i updated grid (which it said i could) and now even a complete reinstallation of the UI (exit game, rename WTF/accountname/servername/charactername folders for characters affected, restart game, log on, press install button) did not help, and now my grid is hidden behind my recount screen.

    it seems as if grid changed a few options, which broke Lui3. is there anything i can do about this?

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    There's a fix on the LUIv3 developer forums at http://www.wow-lui.com/

    Basically what happened is since Loui plays on a European server, 3.3.5 hasn't hit them yet and he hasn't been able to update the mod yet.

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    LUI v3 English Support?

    I would post it there instead of here, and probably your problem is already there and solved ..check the site.

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    ah, okay. i found the solution. thanks for the help.

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