- Wizards primarily rely on their universe's version of magic; please be careful with those who use other methods of attack as that quickly makes them into spellblades and not pure wizards. No god-like beings! (Therefore no god-Raistlin or Father)

- No outside assistance; it's just a wizard on his own by himself.

- Participants are at the height of their naturally attainable power, ie no Voldemort with (because it's not his), just Voldemort using his magical power. Horcruxes count because he created them with his own power, however he cannot revive because doing so requires outside assistance, effectively defeating him. No Gandalf the White, because he's empowered by Ea, and so forth.

- You must argue why your wizard would win a fight against another wizard; you can't just say Raistlin Majere /thread (even though he probably is the single most powerful wizard in fantasy literature). Bear in mind each wizard's capabilities an known tactics.

- - - - - Default Participants - - - - -

Gandalf the Grey - The Lord of the Rings (Divine being sent by God to nurture and guide Middle-Earth, mutual-killed a Baelrog)

Raistlin Majere - Dragonlance (sickly son of a lumberjack turned god, highhandedly ended the space-time continuum and the unended it, went up against the entire pantheon (with all their powers combined) and won)

Voldemort - Harry Potter (divided his soul into seven pieces rendering him effectively immortal, required outside assistance to rez though.)

Dumbledore - Harry Potter (Leader of Hogwarts, very knowledgeable of mage lore)

Rincewind - Discworld

Medivh - Warcraft (Raistlin expy but nowhere near as obscenely god-powerful as his Dragonlance counterpart; was rezzed by Aegwyn)

Gul'dan - Warcraft (Medivh's Draenor counterpart (and therefore Raistlin's) but somehow managed to lose to muggles in both timelines)

Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist (alchemist specializing in pyromancy, check out this Reddit thread for a thorough breakdown on his power capabilities and limitations)

Aang/Korra - Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra (The avatars of their respective times, unique in that they can wield all four specializations of bending instead of just one, can pop an ultimate mode)

You may nominate another mage, but you must clearly breakdown the extent of their powers and mindsets.