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    Are you actually japanese, or just really crazed? ^^

    Here's mine. You can see I don't use my desktop for much.. so it's filled with crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesta View Post
    Are you actually japanese, or just really crazed? ^^
    Taiwan. Crazed works too.
    Learning JP too anyways. Soooo whatever. >.>
    Grandparents speak Japanese and Taiwanese more often than Mandarin, so it's a nice bonus. Some aunt uncle does too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred Rupprecht View Post
    This has been my background for a while now. Really love it.

    Click to view on imgur.
    And now it's mine.
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    Wish they would make a sequel.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    typically bounce between the different stained glass stories for wow, have the TBC one up on my perosnal PC and this one on my work PC

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    I always use a black background. It feels easier on the eyes, especially in the mornings.
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    I love having three monitors.

    EDIT: thought image would resize, now just a text link.
    For the midcores:
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    If you want Blizzard to make the game hard for you then you have to make your position the majority position. Oh wait, you don't want the majority in your sandbox because you want to be a special snowflake.... guess you are screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AncientNecro View Post
    I love having three monitors.

    EDIT: thought image would resize, now just a text link.
    Wish I was you :c

    Also, nice wallpaper.
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    Been a while since I had a New machine, so now I do here is my current Background, I took it for a contest
    Quote Originally Posted by microsoft
    @Windows and tweet a pic of your new Start screen with #MyStart

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by AncientNecro View Post
    I love having three monitors.

    EDIT: thought image would resize, now just a text link.
    2 monitors, with off set, and random art on the desktop at any given time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorim View Post
    Could you tell me what should I search to get that Background? Or could you share it?

    About my Desktop Image, I I downloaded the image from this thread a few pages behind a few months ago.

    Click for bigger version!
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    This is my background:

    I have a dock that is on the bottom when you mouse over down there. Honestly I love a simple background with no clutter on it, I can still access all my games/developer tools with RocketDock so it works out well. As for the image I just love winter and snow, something about it makes me feel calm and relaxed, I sometimes wish is snowed year round!
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    Alternating between these two....

    I added an "l" to each of these links to decrease the size. Please remember we have an image size limit on the forums. ~Uggor
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    Poster from a movie i made at my 3D college. Video can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u08qxiYvsE

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    I don't have an actual screenshot of my desktop, but the above is what I'm using as my desktop background. Was just randomly browsing through DA one day, found it, and instantly thought it'd make a badass background. Most of the time, I either use space art or dark-themed stuff like skulls, Grim Reapers, etc.
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    I like it
    Sorry for the big pic btw.
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    I like juice

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