Here is an idea for my two main characters, a shadow priest and a Blood DK. I like these classes because they are the opposite of what you would normally think. One is an “evil” priest that hurts people and on is a death knight, an undead abomination, that protects people.
Any thoughts on how to more accurately tie this into the actual lore? I think they would be 120 or so if I am not mistaken.
Here is what backstory I have.
Both of the brothers were skilled in the arcane. Terath more so, but his pride was his downfall. Kael’vnn watched his older brother, and lifelong idol, dabble in warlock magics (or just darker experimentation if warlocks weren’t a BE thing yet) to increase his already impressive powers. Kael’vnn, in an attempt to atone for his brothers evil, gave up the arcane and began following the light. As a priest he could right all the wrongs that his brother was doing, yin and yang; At least in his own head. He excelled at his new found abilities and enjoyed healing the wounded.
During the Arthas’ attack on Silvermoon, both brothers did their best to defend their home and fellow people. Terath unleashed his demonic fire upon the scourge, Kael’vnn mended those in need. Letting his pride get the best of him, Terath was wounded in battle. Kael’vnn, unable to get to him, watched as Terath’s soul was ripped from his body, becoming the undead.
With what few survivors remained, Kael’vnn brooded in anger. His atonement for Terath’s evil had not worked. Now his only brother was gone, an undead abomination. He was the last of his family line and perhaps out of sorrow, maybe anger, Kael’vnn gave up his pursuit of the light and delved deep into the realm of shadow magic. He now bends the light to his will and uses it to harm those that are in his way instead of helping those that need it.
Terath woke up later, his head in a fog, in an unfamiliar place surrounded by death. He remembered very little except that he had fallen. He was trained as a Death Knight for the Lich King and, as in life, excelled at wreaking pain and suffering.
Once he broke free from the Lich King, and he slowly started piecing his memories back together, he remembered the evil he pursued in an attempt for power. He mourned his life and the evils that he had committed.
Upon his return to Silvermoon, he discovered Kael’vnn’s new path and now searches for his long lost little brother across the world. In an attempt to now atone for his brother’s evil and the evils of his past he focuses on defending those that are weak.
So, with that…
Were warlocks around prior to the sunwell being destroyed or should I simply have the DK pursuing darker magics prior to his death?
I know that BE society doesn’t look down on the pursuit of magical proficiency, I think Kael’vnn’s disdain for it is a personal character trait, something that sets him apart and what drives him to be a priest in the first place.
I think that with this backstory I can play my priest as a dark, contemplative and angry BE. He doesn’t so much enjoy the fact that he is hurting people, but kind of lost the point of it all and does what it takes to get ahead and find meaning in life. It also explains why he refuses to heal people even though he has the ability
As far as my DK, I can play the tank angle easily as I am filled with guilt over both my own evil and the spiral that caused of my little brother. I try to help in anyway that I can while I try to find my brother out in the world.