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    Trying to find RP or RP partner

    I'm trying to find an outlet for some of the stories in my head, and having trouble doing so.

    I'm not exactly sure where to look, and I know this is largely a WoW-oriented RP area. I looked up other places, and most of them are forum-based RP, which honestly I'm not fond of. I prefer either email, or chat (gchat/irc/whatever).

    That said, even those other forums for RP were... honestly pretty awful. Apparently spell-check isn't a thing anymore.

    Where should I go to find someone to RP with? I have a pretty wide range of genre's, but mostly focus on fantasy or sci-fi. Most of it is all original work.

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    Have you tried the WoW forums? You may have better luck there getting RP info, idk.

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    I'm actually not looking for WoW RP. Both because it's not what I'm looking for, and also for licensing reasons (some of my work on occasion gets published, so copyrights and all)

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    Ah kk. I might have known that had I properly read your first post. /bangshead

    Wish you luck!

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