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Thread: Absences

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    busy day for me today, getting my college diploma so I won't be around today. I'll catch up tomorrow or at the earliest late this evening before bed. (2-3am my time)
    To be the hero is all I'll ask.
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    I'm back. Just letting ya know.

    Edit: If there are roleplays that I've forgotten, and need to reply to, PM me.
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    Not to mildly necropost.

    I've been gone for awhile, I'd say quite a long while and I apologise for not notifying such. I just had a busy life with lack of time here and there. (also the reason I did not play any WoW) From now on though, I'll definitely attempt give a brief or elaborate (depending on the situation and how long) heads up on when I will or will not be absent. (the former will be the only status that I'll note ofcourse, logically.)

    Thanks for the awesome sig, Lady Amuno.

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    You guys probably don't even remember me, i never got into an RP, i kinda joined during the very slow period..
    If i still can, i'd love to try some RP with my old and only character (so far) Thann Vandread

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    Going camping out in the wilderness of the ozarks...... will most likely be gone till monday, hopefully no later, Saerwen can gm me in Sands.

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    I'll be gone from monday the 11th till thursday the 14th, I'm heading off to new york city to do some stuff with das family. Art museums, broadway, and too much walking, oh my!

    EDIT: I MAY have internet in the evenings, just don't expect me to be as active for those days. I'm not entirely sure however, so don't assume anything.

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    I'll be away between the 9th and the 16th.

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    As is obvious, I've been gone a while. hoping to be more active now

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    I shall be gone from Friday to Saturday and probably not around a lot tomorrow or Thursday.

    Also cake.

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    I don't think absence really covers it for me. I've been gone for a long long while now, but I thought I'd swing by and check it out again.
    Few questions;
    - Where did the sub forum go? I remember there was a sub forum for discussion and off topic.
    - About how active is everyone now? How often do rps actually get finished, etc.
    - Does anyone remember me? hahah.

    Also, I see half of my character bios have been deleted. Troubling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thd0710 View Post
    Also, I see half of my character bios have been deleted. Troubling.
    If they're old, you likely have an incorrect link; the link format changed when we switched to vBulletin in the middle of June last year. As far as I know, no character bios have been deleted (but I'm not here much, so Madgod might be able to confirm that).

    For the one in your sig (assuming that's what you're referring to), the link should be this:


    Just need to go through and search for those threads to get the updated links.

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    No internet for me the next two days. I'll be living cottage life. God mode my characters if you have to. (thread owners only please)
    To be the hero is all I'll ask.
    RP Character Bio: Zook || Albert "Al" Fletcher Jr.

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    Ill be gone on holiday for 2 weeks :> Sunshine here I come!
    Thick as a Brick

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    I'm very lightly absent for a while. Real busy with my studies, finding a new place to live etc etc. I'll still be around doing what I do best, but my speed will be slightly reduced for a while.

    ~ Love, cake, pie, hugs and cuddles, Saerwen.

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    A kind of overdue absences post on my part:
    I will be rather inactive from now, since I currently am, as some of you know, swamped with getting my degree, moving(to a place that has no internet connection as of yet ofc), job search etc. This will last till approximately end of September. But if you poke me via PM I will try to continue to post, as time allows, just not as regularly.

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    I'm sorta absent now as I have some nasty writer's block that's being a bitch to get through.

    However, I'll actually be away all of next week - 8/7 to 8/13 - as I'll be staying at my former employer's farm to take care of the horses and dogs and such while she is away at the beach. I may pop on (can a droid get on IRC?) but I won't be posting in any RPs.

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    Well, after some time, I'm back and ready to roleplay again. I'll be updating my characters again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mortis Darkskull View Post
    1st south park garots... now happy garots... next one must be overdramatic seinen manga garots...
    Best of 5 years!

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    I'll be absent from 6 aug. to ~13, going on holiday...
    https://battle.net/recruit/R7HD2VJJ2K My heroes of the storm recruitment link. Looking for MOBA enthusiasts to play with. I also want a cool bike tbh.

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    I will be gone from the 13th till the 19th of this month, with no internet access. I'll be giving control of my RP's to a couple people, and I'll tell them what's happening. Hopefully Riva will be done by the 13th, if people post there.

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    London, England.
    A much needed break from here, on my behalf. I'm buzzing with ideas and activity now. I do apologise for leaving without letting you guys know, but I'm back!

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