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    World first 3 man putting out the light yo

    Uploaded with

    Im pretty sure this is the first time its 3 manned. PRO SHIT!

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    gz on having the most patience in the world

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    Cool story bro?

    That is one sexy UI.
    /End Sarcasm.

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    He's been solo'd, not sure if that counts for spoiling your world first.

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    Probably is the first time it was 3 manned. As far as I've heard its been soloed by a prot paly, but thats soloing is not 3 manning. Or other people that 3 manned it felt like it wasn't post worthy.
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    Why the hell do people think anything classifies as a "world first" nowadays? Isn't it entirely possible someone else already 3-manned and just thought no one would give a shit? Maybe I should go for the "World First of 3 Dwarf Paladins with no helmet equipped kill Gruul"?

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    i'm 100% sure someone solo this before as a dk

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    I sat and watched an ally protadin solo cairne once, then proceeded to thunderstorm him off the edge.
    After he finished Cairne off ofc
    was highly entertaining overall.
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    ITT : People who 3-manned the most obscure city boss that no one in their right mind would go out of their way to defend, in a city in the middle of nowhere.

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    I'm going to go back to watching the movie Stuntman. Thanks for the distraction I didn't want.

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    Hmmm... Own'd?
    Ohh well, i two manned King Varian Wrynn, but he's a easy peasy one.
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    Double Post.
    Last edited by Forsedar; 2010-06-13 at 08:36 PM. Reason: Double Post

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    That place...with the stuff.
    That's actually really easy to do, 'specially on low-population server with little chance for Alliance interference. Velen hits like a wimp.

    For what it's worth, I've seen him five-manned back in Uldalawlz gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsedar View Post
    Protadins don't get thunderstorm. J/S
    he thunderstormed the paladin.

    and for those that say it's an obscure boss: i once solo'd king varian wrynn to 70%, but then i got bored. no problem with HP, and it took me over 15 minutes to get that 30% down (i could LoH 2 times). noone dared to interrupt me.
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    1. Grats you 3manned something that's been soloed.
    2. No one cares.

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    why does a dk use interrupt bar??? so that your ghoul army cast doesn't get interrupted? but how do you fake cast it then

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    Quote Originally Posted by mightimace View Post
    1. Grats you 3manned something that's been soloed.
    2. No one cares.
    Quote Originally Posted by SilkforCalde View Post
    Wow. You don't even know the basics. Challenging Shout is not and has never been a taunt. It doesn't even remotely function like a taunt.

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    you are the worst keybinder i have ever seen.

    oh, and bad post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mightimace View Post
    1. Grats you 3manned something that's been soloed.
    2. No one cares.
    LOL. This
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