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    Missing Interface Addon

    Does anybody know the name of the addon with which you can save certain settings for a spec of your class (interface wise), and then when you change spec and relog it changes all the addon automatically.

    I would just like to have it as Im holy for both pve and pvp and a different UI is needed.

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    Sounds like one called Reflux, if by which you mean save individual settings per addon, which can then all be loaded at once.
    Often used in UI compilations.

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    Reflux would be correct. For the OP's use... create a bunch of profiles for each setup you want. Ex- Priest.Shadow, Priest.Holy, Druid.Feral, and Druid.Resto.

    You would have to set up the entire UI for each profile then just type the command to switch as you need. If you want to go shadow from holy... just respec then type

    /reflux switch Priest.Shadow

    Reflux will reload the interface automatically.

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    Or ACP (Addon Control Panel)
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    ACP will just define which addons are loaded, while what I understand the OP to be asking for is instead loading individual profiles or settings per addon on demand.

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    And if I understand Reflux's page right, it also supports the creation of profiles that change what addons are enabled/disabled, but I haven't really looked into this.
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    I did see a tutorial of sorts a while back suggesting something like ACP to use with Reflux, so while something I have not currently looked in detail at I did guess at such a feature.

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