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    Tosh.0 and Futurama

    So I just discovered Tosh.0 and I can't believe there's actually a good web clip based show that's funny and doesn't look like it'll be canceled in a month.

    Futurama on the other hand...was so excited for a new season to come out but the episodes that have came out so far reminds me of the crap Simpsons has become. Really hope it picks up some or I foresee it being canceled again lol.

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    Tosh.0 is awesome! Been watching it since the beginning and it looks legit. Futurama... yeah its okay but it could be way better.

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    futurama used to be clever and sorta funny

    now its not clever and not funny

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    The first 3 futurama episodes of season 6 are bad, but they get better apparently.

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    Haven't seen much of Tosh.0 But Daniel Tosh is an amazing comedian. I suggest Looking on youtube for his stand up. He's one of those "So offensive it's funny" comedians though so watch yourselves.

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    Lethal Inspection, the latest episode, felt like the most true to form episode yet. Everything about it worked and felt classic. Anyone who hasn't seen it yet, and thinks that the show has gone downhill, watch the latest episode. You'll soon realize that you can't put on a new suit so easily after it's been sitting in the closet for a few years, but eventually it fits with some adjustments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eltrollo View Post
    futurama used to be clever and sorta funny

    now its not clever and not funny

    And for naysayers like this fellow, the latest episode has an extra chunk of "Clever" at the end of the show that links everything together.

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    posted that a while ago

    saw the new episode

    there is hope yet! hopfully they stay that way and dont revert back to lets make fun ot todays society like every other show mentality (hell only south park does it right since they dont hold back on any one)

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    Futurama is just like Family Guy. It makes me want to stab a pencil into my brain to dull the pain of watching it.

    Tosh.O basically is Comedy Centrals Failblog, which basically means that the show gathers random crap that became popular on the Internet and post them... well, in this case, on TV. It's not a totally bad thing, and I did find it fun to watch when I did watch it.

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    I actually am not liking Tosh.O... the guy's pretty cheesy, and I swear I've seen some of that on the web already or at least heard of it. If I want someone to review web clips and be funny about it, I'll just watch Ray William Johnson on YouTube. He's WAY funnier than Tosh.O. And I really am liking the continuation of Futurama. HUGE fan of the series, though how they started the new season confused me, making me think I missed some episodes somehow. But I don't think they're doing a bad job, some spots were a little "eh" but they gotta shake the ol' writing cobwebs off so it should get better as they go.

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    Oh look, another person who read a story about how Tosh.0 is now Comedy Central's most watched show and they had to come online to tell everyone how great it is even though they've really only seen one or two episodes of it.
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