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    Good to watch now and then lol

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    Behind you, what I'm not? Then who's this person I'm behind?

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    awesome parrot, haha

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    Not sure what's so funny about this, but I could not stop laughing after the smaller robot toppled over face first on its hotdog.

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    I couldn't stop laughing.

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    You can check out other videos by them as well, like endings for The Social Network, Inception, etc. Not LMFAO funny but not too bad either.

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    Using this in an article I just wrote; you guys get first looksies. Skip to 2:00 for the fun. Welcome to Thailand.

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    I see that and raise you...

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    Not exactly a funny video but funny what i did with it...I put it in the attic above my sister and her boyfriends room repeatedly playing....they said they were terrified all night :S

    go to 1:19seconds to hear the scary part :S

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    gentlemen: behold!

    Has to be my favorite video of his. By the 3 minute mark you too will be laughing hysterically to the point it'll wake up your neighbors!

    best part:
    uberhaxornova: OH NO!
    pogo man with his voiceover: OH NO-HO!!!

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