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    Grab nearest book, turn to page 45; first sentence describes your love life

    Grab the nearest book to you right now.

    Turn to page 45. The first sentence on that page sums up your love life.

    "She was only ten, a skinny girl on a stolen horse with a dark forest ahead of her and men behind who would gladly cut off her feet." - George R. R. Martin, A Storm of Swords.

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    ''Honey bees are an anthropodal monster known for their giant hive colonies centered around a queen bee.'' - Kenkou Cross, Monster Girl Encyclopedia
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    The papers next day were full of the "Brixton Mystery," as they termed it.
    - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Sherlock Holmes, The Complete Novels and Stories, Volume I
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    Example 3-9 The newguest.cgi script
    Brent B. Welch; Practial Programming in Tcl and Tk

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    "Even as a tween, I knew what the big deal was"
    I lol'd.

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    "It's nothing"

    Well screw you too, book.

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    What do I do if page 45 is started mid sentence...fuck it doesn't love at all...that sums up my love live

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    "Called the variable density tunnel (VDT), this facility was used in the 1920s and 1930s to provide essential data on the NACA family of airfoil sections at the high Reynolds numbers associated with free flight."

    Ummm... I guess that's what I get for having my college textbooks available for use at my desk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excellion
    What do I do if page 45 is started mid sentence...fuck it doesn't love at all...that sums up my love live
    I think it's to much to ask for a page to always start with a new sentence. So I picked the first sentence starting on page 45.

    Well.. I haven't even gotten to read this book yet.. just hadn't removed my christmas presents from my desktop yet.

    Then he realized that Mahnmut isn't really talking about his Earth ― the Twenty-first Century world of the half-remembered fragments of his former life before the gods resurrected him from old DNA and books and god knows what else, the slowly-returning-to-consciousness world of Indiana University and his wife and his students ― but the concurrent-with-terraformed-Mars Earth of more than three thousand years after the short, not-so-happy first life of Thomas Hockenberry
    Olympos by Dan Simmons.

    I don't know how this can really be interpreted in regard to sex life.
    "Everything always changes. The best plan lasts until the first arrow leaves the bow." - Matrim Cauthon

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    "Steroids differ in chemical structure from other lipid molecules, but their solubility characteristics are similar."


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    Alkanes are often described as saturated hydrocarbons: hydrocarbons because they contain only carbon and hydrogen; and saturated because they have only C-C and C-H single-bonds and thus contain the maximum number of hydrogens per carbon.

    Fundamentals of organic chem. 7th edition, John McMurry. Publisher: Brooks/Cole.

    Anyone know what to make of that? I guess something about forming a single bond (monogamy) is the way to go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laerrus View Post
    "Steroids differ in chemical structure from other lipid molecules, but their solubility characteristics are similar."

    Uhh, that's a good one!

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    "Device Layout"

    Back to fundamentals for me.

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    "Finishing her shift, Sally Egan pulled a coat over her uniform and left by the back exit."

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    A minor(maj7) chord is a minor triad with an added major seventh interval (1-flat3-5-7).

    It goes downhill from there quickly.
    Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

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    A phrase of the form "noun の noun" acts more or less like one big noun.
    Just preface all my posts with "Well, I didn't read the thread, but..."
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    You don't need to see any identification.
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    Move along.
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    "Whatever the source, army historian Irving Holiday concludes, 'the President's big round number was a psychological target to lift the sights and accustom planners in military and industrial circles alike to thinking big' "

    From a book on Franklin and Elanor Roosevelt xD

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    "Tomorrow is key."

    Oh good, I guess that means my dry spell might end tomorrow.

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    There was no sentence, only a picture of a seagull. But page 46 had these inspiring words: "They came in the evening, then, and found Jonathan gliding peaceful and alone through his beloved sky."
    So that's just great...
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    "You take the hammer and drill from the table." - Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

    Uhh, well... oookay then?
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    personal opinions are not facts
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    "Now she had a staff in her hand."

    The Story of Odysseu
    s (the story is talking about Circe).

    Well ... okey.
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