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    What is your favorite thing to do on the internet?

    And I don't mean playing games.

    What I mean is which site gives you the most enjoyment? Or type of sites?

    Foe me, unquestionably, the answer is YouTube... It has saved me well over $1000 by watching how to repair things... I even fixed my dishwasher because of the info I got on YouTube. I am an avid board gamer, and watch tons of game reviews to see what I might like, and this has saved me several hundred dollars by not buying games that aren't quite what I am looking for.

    I also watch a lot of old music videos and concerts. And I watch The Fantasy Footballers during and just prior to the NFL season.

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    Probaly comics. Web and normal ones.

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    Discuss and debate. Specifically feeling like I am on the winning side of a debate. Less pettily, I want to change minds on issues I feel a lot of people (particularly the Left, which I want to consider myself a part of) are wrong on some critical issues and in engaging in discussion with these people, I want to change their thinking on certain issues and force the discussion of difficult subjects the the fore in mainstream discourse.

    I also enjoy YouTube, playing on NationStates, discussing Elder Scrolls lore on reddit and stalking former lovers on Facebook.

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    Educational videos on YouTube and also reading random articles on Wikipedia. I have no idea why that entertains me so much. Send help, been stuck on there for hours.
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    I enjoy Youtube browsing, Twitch.TV, MMO-C/WoW fansites, Jetsetradio.live(best internet radio station). I also love various Wiki's for different Games/Movies/literature I read.

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    Lots and lots of foruming about my hobbies. Piano / Violin / Singing, Sport, Drawing, Manga / Anime.

    Youtube / Twitch / Discord.

    Lots of moderating of the above.

    All the social activity!

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    masterbate and completely obvious sarcastic trolling

    oh and reddit. always reddit. mostly r/the_donald
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