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    "A blind, deaf, comatose, lobotomy patient could feel my ANGER"

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    I just like the guy's reaction at how stupid and annoying she is.

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    Behind you, what I'm not? Then who's this person I'm behind?
    Potential NSFW due to language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmekiel View Post

    lol, the guy at 2.46 had the look of "well thats enough Internet for me tonight"
    How to look like a twat 101:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gum View Post
    different culture different rules. Dont be gay in russia? Seems simple enough
    Quote Originally Posted by Elba View Post
    Taking things that have sacred meaning from cultures that are not your own for profit / ridicule / cheap costume is racist.

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    this makes me happy

    Milk was a bad choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazzeh View Post
    What the fark did I just watch? rofl.

    Edit: My contribution, dunno if its a repost but I found it funny lol.

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    Oldest, most awesome rapper on earth.

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    Sheppo Presents a "World of Warcraft:Mists of Pandaria" tribute to PSY's GANGNAM STYLE.
    Re-editing with original music sound by Marcello Vecchio.


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    Dont think this is posted yet but tell me if it is!

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    Behind you, what I'm not? Then who's this person I'm behind?
    Really stupid, yet funny if you're in the mood.

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    If you wondered where all those 80s and 90s stars went, well here you go...

    Not so much funny as it is surreal. Also the horrible lip sync is hilarious, especially when you realise who the original singers are.

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    This guy sounds like Christopher Walken.

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    Proof why Resident Evil is the best game ever. No discussion.

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    A funny little production my friend put together.

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