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    Question Dual Spec Priest

    Forgive my ignorance (I haven't played a level capped priest, really), but what is the reason for a priest dual speccing, and having Discipline and Holy both? From the outside looking in, I would expect either Holy/Shadow or Disc/Shadow.
    Thank you very much. I plan to make a Worgen Priest (probably Disc) to level with some family in an instance group, so I'm trying to learn some things.
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    an duel spec priest should usually be shadow and either disc or holy..
    shadow= dps. questing and such
    and depending on how you like to heal.. disc or holy for 5 man insta ques as ell as raid if your guild wants you to heal

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    I'm Holy/Disc. I heal raids and instances, and disc pvp for...bg's and arenas.

    You can quest fine as either, it's not like you need to kill elites anymore...

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    Well I thought so too, but I keep seeing Disc/Holy dual spec.

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    I play a priest and my spec is disc/holy. We have a shadow priest in our raid already, so there is no point for me in having a shadow offspec. The guild leader tells me whether they need me as a single target healer and/or PW:S spammer or to go holy and provide AoE heals before each raid.

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    Oh okay, I see now. Thank you guys

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    I seem to be seeing a lot of Priests with Disc/Shadow as their two specs. That gives me a spec for healing and a spec for solo/dps when not healing. I can understand them wanting to go Disc over Holy when using dual spec because it makes it a lot easier with more mana, shields, Penance, etc for 5 mans.

    However I leveled Holy from day one of playing my Priest, which was back in January 2005. When I hit 60 I went 31/20/0 to be the Spirit buff Priest of our raids. I think I ended up staying deep enough Disc to give my Mage friend Power Infusion but then went far enough Holy. I started out TBC sticking with that build, going deep enough for Power Infusion, then going the rest of the way in Holy since I didn't really see a need for CoH yet. Once I went CoH in t5 content I never really looked back, been deep Holy since then.

    I tried Shadow from 60-64 when leveling in TBC and it's just not my cup of tea. So now that I have dual spec I have my primary Holy/Disc build followed up with my Disc/Holy secondary. I currently do everything with my Holy spec until I get to Saurfang and LK, then I switch to the Disc build.

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    nooo problem. I didn't mean to sound rude if I came off that way XD.

    I mean, I've seen a shadow/shadow...PvE/PvP. The beauty of customization is the...well...choices we can come up with and fit into

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    Heaps of high end raid priests, especially in the more progressed guilds on any server, you will mostly see Disc/Holy on the healy priests. The ones that have Shad/Disc Shad/Holy are normally DPS priests.

    My priest is Disc/Holy as i MS Healing. Depends which other healers show up, what boss we are doing etc... as to which is better. Running with 2 Disc priests is fail, so i go holy if the second Disc is around. Otherwise i heal as disc for the most part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
    The ones that have Shad/Disc Shad/Holy are normally DPS priests.
    Then I'm the exception. I consider disc my primary spec (I'm disc/shadow) if I NEED to decide. If I don't need to decide, I'm just a hybrid and both specs are equally important for me. In fact, they are.

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    I go disc/holy. The give me the flexibility needed when doing 10m raids.

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    Well, dual speccing disc / holy doesn't seem to bother me. As I'd pay even 10k gold for three specs. Atm I'm running with holy / holy, another for more raid support and the other one focusing more single target heals. And when coming to LK fights, I usually meet my OG priest brothars and respec into a disc!

    ..Let's not talk about the days when my 2v2 partner wants to play after LK raid

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    I'm disc/disc. One is for pve healing which I only do 5 and 10man instances; and the other is for pvp/questing. I'm always doing dailies with my wife who plays Hunter so I'm not worried about dps at all. I just support her for incase we get attacked : )

    Like most people say, depends on how you play and what you need those two specs to do.

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    Our guild currently has a healer shortage problem in regards to priests. For H LK we want our priest to be disc (for obvious reasons). For RS (or valithria etc) we want him to be holy. So that's an example of why a raid priest would dual spec holy/disc. Each spec has its strengths and weaknesses, and fights have different mechanics.

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    BiS for Shadow is SP/crit/haste gear. Those pieces are also BiS for Disc, so if you are a shadowpriest and want to a heal offspec, Shadow/Disc makes a lot more sense than Shadow/Holy from a gear standpoint.

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    The reason why Disc and Shadow are supposedly a better choice is because they share more gear than Holy and Shadow.
    Holy is reliant on Spirit so you like to get spirit on every piece of gear since it boosts your spellpower.
    Disc doesn't have the need for Spirit so they choose to take Haste/Crit/Spellpower gear just like Shadowpriests do.
    The only exception being the hitrating gear ofcourse.
    My guilds main Disc priest has nearly all Crit/Haste/Sp gear apart from the tier items and the odd item with mp5

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    Speccing Disc/Holy has basically the same motivation as speccing Arcane/Fire - different raids and different fights have different requirements. Personally, I don't want to DPS on my priest at all - I leveled him specifically for healing when I realized I was super bored of (ranged) DPS on my mage.

    However, if you're looking to level a priest for Cataclysm, that's entirely different. The biggest different between Discipline and Holy is single target vs multi target heals. They've already stated, however, that they want to lessen the gap (between all five healing specs) in effectiveness between various fights and roles. Trees and holy priests might be asked to heal tanks in pugs! Discipline might be able to keep up a raid under heavy fire! Shamans might be able to do absolutely everything! ...wait.

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