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    New mouse - problems :(

    today i bought a new mouse - Fight Mouse Pro Carbon.It is a lazer mouse but when i plugged it in it worked fine till i saw its lazer doesnt light and the mouse have problems moving right-down.So i removed all other mouse softwares from my PC reisntalled its own , downloaded completly new from the site, tryed everything and still no lazer and problems with moving :/.
    I am using laptop dell latitude d610 with windows xp.Need help as this is my first lazer mouse i have no clue how it is supposed to work - the lazer and everything.

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    Try unplugging it, restart the computer, wait untill Windows has loaded (or the OS you use), plug it in.

    If it doesnt work then I wil bet on broken. Give the Company a call and they might send you a new one. Logitech did with my MXrevolution, but this mouse aint Logitech however

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    Lazer mice emit no visible light, try it in another surface.

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    i tryed on paper, glass, mouse pad - 3 different , plugged unpluged in all 4 usb slots restartet dozen times and still same problem.
    I watched a video on you tube some guy was showing same mouse and the lazer dot was visible so i assume my mouse is deffect and shoud go return it back to the shop :s
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