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    Smile Built my own PC. Need Graphic Card Advice.

    Hello there Mmo-champs!

    I build my own PC here before the summer break.
    I also ordered a new Graphic Card, however after a few months, i was told they stopped producing them, and so now i'm looking for a new one.

    Here i posted my set up thingies. I'm really not very technical, so I'm not 100% sure this is all the relevant stuff.

    650W CORSAIR TX SERIES ATX2.2 - Power Supply
    MB 1156 ASUS P7P55D / Intel P55 Express / ATX - Motherboard
    CPU 1156 INTEL CORE i7 860 2.80 GHz 8MB BOX - Processor
    RAM 4096 MB DDR3 PC3-10666 KINGSTON 1333 MHz (2x2G - Ram

    Been borrowing my friends old 8800 GT nVidia card so far.

    My budget is around 300-350$. Not very interested in going above, but i could perhaps stretch it a little.

    Thanks for any help
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    Try an XFX 5850 i just ordered mine and they have really good reviews on them.

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    I believe the Nvidia cards are out benching the ati cards currently.

    Your price range would put you at a 470 gtx or possibly dual 460s.

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    go for 2x gtx 460....... best bang for the buck (remember to get the 1 GB version)

    and as moobious say`s. the ati are getting outbench by all the nvidia cards, efter there driver updates, so there is no reason buy ati atm.

    the only ati card that is still handing-on is the 5870 card
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    Thanks alot for the feedback.

    I'll take a look at the dual 460 cards.
    Now as I said in the first post I'm not very technical, but is there any chance my power supply wouldn't have enough power (as it's only 650) to run dual?

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