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    Quote Originally Posted by TobiasX View Post
    Cataclysm is based around 3 ("three") things:
    * Dragons
    * Naga
    * Elementals
    These 3 ("three") things all originate from:
    * Old Gods

    I believe it may be you who cannot count.
    That is technically four things. Well, I agree with you both. Don't misleadingly bullet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asiko View Post
    The level of detail upon those Elementals is fantastic. It puts the priority system into perspective, in my opinion.

    I'd imagine the developers were roughly faced, at the beginning of this expansion, with a few choices:

    Choice 1:

    Awesome artwork for Zones, Items and NPCs.

    Choice 2:

    Updated player models.

    Choice 3:

    A compromise of some description.

    Based on what I've seen so far, however, I'm quite happy to let them keep creating fantastic ingame models against anything else.
    There was a blue post a short whiles ago stating something about them recognizing the problem created by hi res armor and low res player models. I would expect that to mean they have plans for it, hopefully as a surprise to cataclysm.

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    this is just too epic

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    Wow... For second time since windfury nerf... Enhance got over 2 rows of text there!

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    All bow down before THE GNOLL KING!!! a.k.a. Hogger XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dace View Post
    this is just too epic
    dude yea....when i first saw it i laughed so hard i couldn't breathe....btw could you care to explain to me what the joke of this issue is...didn't quite get it...
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    *watches Uldum video*...NERGASMS
    *reads about latest pally changes*...NERDGASMS
    *reads that Hogger will be a dungeon boss*...NERDGASMS
    *reads DLC*...LoLz, epicly :P
    good update

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    So, how about the original quests for the stockades? there was a huge questline with lore that went all the way from deathmines to the stockades and I think it had some ofshoots into other areas as well with the whole stonemason thingy.

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    new elementals look weird! wish I could say "haha weird" but more like "wtf? weird" I cant tell if those are arms or legs, if they're cyclopes, and if they're the same model with different colors. I just cant tell! :P

    I guess thats warcraft for ya. reminds me of the song purple people eater... "one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater..."

    DLC's always hilarious... is this one referencing something that happened in game? for some reason he couldn't mount so he stole the kids bike and walked through a lake, lol... finds his mount eating catnip <3

    Edit: I thought about it... the mount in the DLC thought the hearthstone was catnip and teleported to the inn. haha good stuff
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