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    For me...Knight Online, bar none.
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    DotA is super elitist.
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    The WoW community simply because of the sheer number of players coupled with internet anonymity. Then again, in contrast to the communities in some other games,even the number of bad players in WoW doesn't seem so bad with the stupidity of the players in F2P games standing along side it.
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    I have to agree WC3, trying to play custom maps are hard, if it's DOTA my name got banned because I ticked a guy off and he added me to the ban list. In custom games Most of the players leave during count down or right after the map loads.

    During Team Games most are sore losers and will just call you names saying you suck evne though you're beating them. And some get upset and will even turn on you if you refuse to do a cookie cutter strat. Can't tell you how many times I have won team games by killing my backstabbing ally or how many I lost just because of my back stabbing ally. And of course if you lose a team game it's always my fault despite the fact I have the largest army with the most kills and my allies are sitting on 3k unspent code popping out their one uber unit

    Come to think about it, Diablo had a lot of hacker douche bags too

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyelids View Post
    What game has the worst player community?

    and as a secondary question, why do so many players continue to play games they dont even like for so long?
    I would probably say Warhammer Online. They just hate everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alekander View Post
    For me...Knight Online, bar none.
    Knight Online? People actually talked in that Korean MMO?
    Quote Originally Posted by Respen
    I was very disappointed in the screenshots. I usually base my entire gaming experience around ground textures and so far it seems like Cata will be totally unplayable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caradinist View Post
    Knight Online? People actually talked in that Korean MMO?
    That is a fair point. If you weren't in a clan (guild? I forgot what they called them) it was pretty much dead silence while you try and figure out how you're going to get around all the turkish hackers spinning around on the ground firing arrows out their asses like some sort of mounted turret.

    Lots of racial tension in that game's community to be sure. Didn't help that the company running it was about as corrupted as your average used car salesmen.
    Day Man! (Aah-aah-aah!)
    Fighter of the Night Man! (Aah-aah-aah!)
    Champion of the sun... (Aah-aah-aah!)
    You're a Master of karate and friendship for everyone!

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