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    Quote Originally Posted by Eorayn View Post
    You are talking about other people's attitudes when you yourself is acting rude and selfish. YOU, sir, is the center of the community.
    You really felt the need to respond to this discussion after it has been over for how long?

    Seriously, can we please get this thread back to be about posting art? No drama, no drivel, just art and art discussion. It makes me sad to see one of my favorite threads turn out this way.

    I'll be personally posting some WIP sketches of my character soon

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    Thanks so much Dryad for your kind words! I'm really glad that I indirectly helped you to get out of art block.
    Just remember that art block isn't always bad though (this goes for all artists), sometimes it's your brain's way of saying "take a break."

    More arts! I meant to get these uploaded earlier, but life had other plans.

    Deviantart: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/gallery/

    A quick, sort-of-cleaned-up experimental sketch of my version of Alexstrasza.

    A really fast speedsketch/speedpainting of my version of Tarecgosa.
    As soon as I saw her model I thought "Komodo dragon!" So that's what she's based off of.

    A rough painting of Queen Azshara, post Sundering.
    A lot of people design her as either a cecaelia or a naga with a night elven top half, but since Nazjatar is at the bottom of the ocean I think something a little more 'deep sea' would be more fitting. She's still beautiful, but a different kind of beautiful.
    Her 'hair' is based off of Phyllodesmium poindimiei, her fingers are based off of sea spider legs, and her bottom half is based off of feather stars (crinoid).

    Here's a feather star in action so you can get an idea of how she would move:

    A fun little portrait I did the other day of Kieran, my orc/worgen.
    This portrait goes with this one: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d48mtri
    'cause they're BFF's.
    Just for the heck of it, I stuck some ceremonial paint on him.

    If anyone is having trouble seeing them, alert me please.
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    Just working on a small commission as I wait on the information from my big one...

    And since I've been giving the okay for "The Big One," I can tell you guys what it is. I'm being commissioned by Blizzard to do a shirt for an in-house guild of theirs. Hopefully we'll get to see it finished before BlizzCon for them to wear.

    Oh yeah..

    A twitter conversation lead to this:

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    at Optinium

    oh holy cows dude. you are killing it, i would pay to learn digital art like that. my lecturer is fat and useless.

    Great Job!!

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    Just gonna leave this here


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    This is a little bit old, but it was fun to make. This is a composite of 3 different screenshots (ICC, Skybreaker, UI) composed together and with visual effects added in Flash 8.

    Anyone remember a thread on the general forum called 'Star Warcraft'? That's where this came from.

    Now, this is drawn from a screenshot of my Druid. All done free-hand (with a tablet) in Paintbrush.

    I use a cropped, shrunken version as my avatar.
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    I have this very talented friend(<3) who doodles up our WoW characters every once in a while. Figured I'd share some of her stuff:

    Mountains rise in the distance stalwart as the stars, fading forever.
    Roads ever weaving, soul ever seeking the hunter's mark.

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    Time to contribute!
    Small disclaimer-I sketch a lot and I almost never work in color. It aint the best in the world, but I'd like to know what you alls think.
    My buddy's old goblin DK, Paypergroup. I gave the character the RP name Keetha Bloodbargain and a little backstory. She makes her own armor, using herself as a beta test for the armor designs she sells to the Horde, a la Iron Man. She also runs a small mercenary crew to keep the bills paid (our tiny little guild we used to have!). The more observant might notice her helm looks like a welder's mask, and the "shades" are reminiscent of Kamina from Gurren Lagann. Both of these things are intentional, I assure you
    Incidentally, if anyone out there is really good with digital painting, I'd love to see her colorized. Contact me via PM if you'd like to do so, and you think the project is deserving of the clearly considerable talent I've seen in this thread.
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    my small contribution to this great threat.
    See your world through my eyes. A universe so vast as to be immeasurable. Incomprehensible even to your greatest minds

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    It's quiet in here.
    So here's some more stuff I've worked on in the last while.

    Deviantart: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/gallery/

    An updated design of Briska, Shamira's (my orc huntress) chimera mount.
    This is still pretty rough, but it's a clear enough idea of what I'm going for.

    My worgen hunter, Mellori, posing pretty with her vulture.
    This will be forever a WIP. :C
    I referenced the hand on her hip from a stockphoto on deviantart, but I can't find the darn thing. :c

    Oh, would you look at that...more shit I haven't finished and never will.
    Okay folks, let me tell you a story.
    Once upon a time, I started these paintings. They started out great and I was all excited. Then I burned out.
    THE END.

    Pretty much.

    Anyways, picture number 1 was a scene in which Shamira (tiny orc huntress on Briska's back) saves a fellow hunter (Sindarrl, a night elf) from two twilight drake scouts. There's supposed to be another drake below Briska, and Sindarrl on his mount in the background, but I couldn't figure out good poses and gave up. Sham's supposed to have clothes and a bow and arrows and shit, but I once again gave up and burned out. I just moved on. I may revisit this at a later date.

    Picture number 2 is just a simple background with an unfinished unicorn.
    Picture number 3 is more unicorn stuff.

    Clouds in pic 1 ref'd from: http://mj84-stockphotos.deviantart.c...Stock-87336669
    Background in pic 2 ref'd from: http://arctic-stock.deviantart.com/a...ins-4-75158850

    Doodled this girly up the other night when I was in a steed-creating mood. Decided to design her for Anduin Wrynn. At first she was a normal lioness, but ended up making her more like a cave lioness.
    Aranka means 'gold.' (I'm terribly creative.)

    I've always felt that if he were to have a mount, it would be a lioness of some sort, since he has a 'lioness' personality. Like a lioness who protects and brings food back to her family, Anduin wants to get shit done, and actually cares deeply about the society around him, while his father, the current 'lion' of Stormwind seems to only care about how to raze the Horde to the ground, much like a lion only cares about protecting his territory and killing hyenas for sport.

    I felt I needed a challenge today, so I took on the challenge of creating my own version of Chromatus, Nefarian's immensely powerful franken-dragon.
    The Bronze head is based off of the matamata, the Black head is based off of a star-nosed mole skull, the Blue head is based off of a hippo skull, the Red head is based off of gorgonops, and the Green head is based off of gastornis.
    After reading an excerpt about Chromatus, I got the feeling that he's meant to be more nauseating than badass, so that's why I made him terribly obese and kind of slug-like.
    I still have to fiddle a bit with his chest region and figure out how his keel bone would look under the fat and such...

    This started out as another cloud practice, but at the last minute I WoW'd it up a bit and painted in Shamira and Sindarrl on their chimeras, Briska and Andeimos. You can't really see them, but they're there, just really, really tiny.
    Cloud ref'd

    The other night I was browsing some spoilers from Wolfheart (because I can't be arsed to crack open another Knaack book) and apparently Varian has a ragefit after Anduin decides he wants to stay with Velen. He also says there's something wrong with Benedictus (Who Varian originally wanted as Anduin's tutor.) Sorry for any slight inaccuracies, I haven't been able to find full excerpts, just notes.

    So this is what came of all that reading and spoiler searching. I don't think Anduin's reason for feeling uncomfortable towards Benedictus is actually described in the book, so I decided to fill in that scene.
    I can definitely see Benedictus as a sexual deviant (and not because he's a priest, I'm not trying to be stereotypical), because, from what I've read, he seems to take pleasure in telling Kyrigosa that he plans on breeding her with Chromatus. He's cruel and disgusting.

    I felt it would be interesting to show Benedictus mock-comforting Anduin after a row with his father, and it's in that moment Anduin realizes that there's something 'wrong' with him.

    This was one of those subconscious images, you know, the kind you don't really plan, and the kind that actually mirrors an experience you once had, but you don't notice it until it's finished.
    So yes, I have had a few really bad run-ins with sickos in my younger days (both teachers and peers, males and females), and one of those experiences pretty much mirrors this scene exactly.
    I had a bad row with a teacher and some students and the substitute from my next class 'comforted' me. At first I thought his hug was out of sympathy, but as soon as I tried to pull away he held me there extremely tightly and was a little too fucking friendly, to put it lightly.

    I guess this image was my way of subconsciously dealing with all that crap.

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    love all the art thats in this thread. keep up the awesome work guys

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    i haven't posted anything in here, in like forever, I've been mostly drawing fan art of Jesse Cox. hes actually used some of my drawing in his vids. o_O its such a crazy feeling knowing over 40k people have seen something you've drawn @_@

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Amazing. You have nothing to do now that people who aren't you have cleared Ulduar.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    PS: Pandas are awesome.

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    Just to point out, I really don't mind if you guys like my art so much that you want to trace it or something, but some advice:

    1) Tracing doesn't help you learn. If you're looking to do art as a professional job, tracing won't get you there.
    2) Be kind and actually let people know what you're tracing. I've just found someone in the forums here that took one of my drawings, and MSPaint traced over it. If you're going to do that, quote the original artist as well. Show some common courtesy.

    Tracing art and not quoting your original source is rude, and generally frowned upon.

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    Exodar life staff drawn on the backside of a letter and colored in photoshop.

    Prob. gonna do a better, larger version so the small crystals wont be all messed up.

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    Warmistress Avrah.

    This was just a sketch to finalise the facial scars, really.

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    I'm still learning inkscape and therefore still heavily using references and learning new techniques. But I made this one a while back:

    And of course:

    Finally, this is what I'm currently working on. If you'll notice, I've started using blurs to try to make more realistic shading:

    There is still *alot* of work to do with that one. It's my rogue in 4.3, if Sandrene's Invisivest will be usable (useable last PTR build, heres to hopin') Too bad there are no cigars in game . . .

    For those who don't know, Inkscape is a free vector graphics editor. I've never been strong with pen and paper, but with vectors I can make a rough sketch and have a much better time editing by simply moving nodes and curves into place in Inkscape.
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    i was not crying in the shower
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    A crude rendition of one of my toons, a worgen huntress as I see her in game. Gold streaks and dual eye color's and all.
    Modeling and texturing is hard. Don't hate for a few Works in Progress.

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