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    Another 3d animated World of Warcraft short film made by Piwoot Animations with limited technical work done by me.

    That's really good, I'm going to check out more of your videos!

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    It's kinda too bad that so many people today have this ... "childish" art style. You know, big eyes and a very simplistic style.

    Some of the older fanart from back in the day was also less inspired by Japanese animation style and often look really good and realistic.
    Yikes. If yer gonna be rude at least don't be embarrassing rude, son. Know the difference between animation styles.

    Two giant eyed updates this week, to sear your mind.

    T10 - Lightsworn


    Death Knight
    T13 - Necrotic Boneplate
    T8 - Darkruned

    T3 - Dreamwalker
    T4 - Malorne

    T1- Giantstalker
    T4 - Demonstalker
    T7 - Cryptstalker

    T4 - Aldor
    T9 Horde - Sunstrider's

    T5 - Crystalforge
    T11 - Reinforced Sapphirium
    T13 - Radiant Glory

    T6 - Absolution
    T8 - Sanctification
    T12 - Cleansing Flame

    T13 -Blackfang
    T17 - Poisoner's
    T18 - Felblade

    T6 - Skyshatter
    T7 - Earthshatter
    T9 Horde - Thrall's

    T1 - Felheart
    T7 - Plagueheart
    T9 Alliance - Kel'Thuzad's
    T10 - Dark Coven's
    t14 -Sha Skin

    T13 - Colossal Dragonplate
    T18 - Iron Wrath

    Arrakoa Pair

    My Drood
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    A fast sketch of a unrealistic demon hunter...because they don't have eyes
    Man i really love Demon Hunters
    He is using the Spirit Bomb spell lol

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    Figured I'll limit the spam to once per page :O

    T10 - Ahn'Kahar Blood Hunter's

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    Well...i'm not very good.
    But here is my Demon Hunter ready to punch your face ^_^

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    A wild blood elf appears ^_^
    I'm not very good at rendering btw

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    And my latest. King Anasterian during the Battle of Quel'Thalas.
    "I have witnessed the rise and fall of empires... the birth and extinction of entire species... Over countless millennia the foolishness of mortals has remained the only constant. Your presence here confirms this."


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    Here's a piece of animated art by me. Made as a trailer for a roleplay campaign on my server.

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    Here's a piece of animated art by me. Made as a trailer for a roleplay campaign on my server.

    Very nicely done

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    loving all the work here hopefully i can add to it by getting a moderator post a link on this reply..pretty please with a cherry on top fresh from Stormpeaks?

    If it does get put in let me just say a huge thankyou and also heres an image of a little gnome warlock i am working on the armour is pretty much done she just needs to be posed and have her weapons in hand but who doesnt like a sneak peak hmm?

    Also heres the Voidwalker for the Warlock because what Warlock would be complete without a trusty sidekick who can tank anything and everything

    Loving all the work here guys is nice to have another place to show and get feedback from

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    Nightelf - Noob Inking

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