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    Uh, just a quick question: You guys are able to see my images, right? I'm wondering because two websites that I know of say that deviantART has a type of code that isn't compatible with other websites and sometimes only allows you to see your image once it's posted in a forum, but everyone else will get a red/blue 'x' or question mark where the image should be. So yeah...can you guys see the Pandaren girl I posted one page back?

    I just want to make sure.

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    i can see your drawings Rachel, i cant speak for any one else, but i know i can.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Amazing. You have nothing to do now that people who aren't you have cleared Ulduar.
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    PS: Pandas are awesome.

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    I can see them, and I really liked the pandaren concept

    Shame if they made them as a playable race that looked like that people would hop on the "LOL furries" bandwagon

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    This is something I had commissioned a while ago. It's not finished, and probably never will be, but she did a good job nonetheless.

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    Winged Guardian I made for a friend for his bday. The guality is a bit mush because I don't have a big enough scanner + didn't quite pay enough attention to going through all of the paper with water properly. Used water colour pencils.

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    I don't draw anymore myself, so I can't add anything to this awesome thread. I must say that I'm amazed by all the awesome images I've seen so far. Good job all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linry View Post
    i can see your drawings Rachel, i cant speak for any one else, but i know i can.
    Okay, awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by Squishychunk View Post
    I can see them, and I really liked the pandaren concept

    Shame if they made them as a playable race that looked like that people would hop on the "LOL furries" bandwagon
    Thanks. :3

    I will never understand the 'lol furries' crap. I wish people could get over themselves and realize that the majority of anthro artists simply like to draw anthropomorphic creatures. It's the fault of CSI, MTV, and bored-as-fuck bullies for spreading a lot of false info. in order to sensationalize.

    Anywho, more art!

    DeviantART: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/gallery/

    Just a couple of fast dwelling concepts for my 'Northerner' Draenei. Even though they're quite tech-y and inventive, they still use what nature has to offer, and make sure they are not hurting the environment too much.
    For those that don't know, I've been filling in the gaps that Blizz has left in the Draenei culture and lore. I've decided to split the Draenei into two racial groups; Northerners and Southerners.

    Northerners are peaceful, and highly intelligent and creative. Their culture centres around love/sex, art, philosophy, literature, inventions, and community.

    Southerners have a warrior-like culture, where males are dominant and most females are simply political and social pawns, unless they can prove themselves as warriors. Their culture centres around strength, fighting, technological advancement of weaponry, and climbing the social ladder.

    I was bored a few days ago and decided that I wanted to paint some sort of spirit animal. I took it as my chance to draw Elune (the night elf goddess) in some sort of animal form, since gods and goddesses are notorious for taking on other forms.
    I felt that the moose would fit her. They're so strange looking, but so graceful.
    I added the horn at the last minute to make her more magical. C:

    Just a few more Argus critters I've been working on.
    The top one is based off of that photo of the hydrothermal worm that's been travelling around the internet recently. Crazy lookin' critter. It was my first time doing full iridescence and it took at least 4 times until I got it right...or at least kinda right.
    Anyways, it is sacred to the Northerners, and the ones that are iridescent are given as mounts to the highest ranking Vindicators (Paladins). They are very rare and live in the most desolate, cold regions of Argus.
    The second one is an antelope-like animal that is also treated with reverence by the Northerners. It is the basic mount for all Vindicators.
    The rest are just little gestures of possible animals.

    'Nother Sketchdump. You can find the uncensored version in my main gallery.
    1. Another half-shifted, night elf shark druid. This time based off of a goblin shark. The cloth she's holding in her right hand is supposed to be a naga banner, but I got laaazy.

    2. A female night elf with her winter fur coming in (I like to make my nelves fluffy for winter. It makes sense...they're outside for much of their lives, so having a soft fur coat would be very useful).

    3. Honey dressed in a little piece of traditional Northerner clothing. Breasts exposed to make breastfeeding easier (and to avoid the ripping of nice blouses by the impatient hands of a toddler).

    4. I like to imagine that night elves evolved from a bat or colugo like creature, so here' a little baby girl with primitive plagiopatagium. Evolution doesn't always forget traits of the past.

    5. Random dragon.

    6. A Kirin based off of sculptures.

    7. Unfinished painting of Thipe with a Vindicator weapon.

    8. Body sketch of Thipe. I'm still fiddling with male Northerner anatomy.

    9. Northerner penis. They may be shorter than Southerner peni, but boy do they ever have girth and shape. Their genitals are a little more specialized to give pleasure to females.

    10. Some undead ranger I came up with the other day. Not sure if I'll continue with this character.

    11. Said ranger's maggoty looking blighthound.

    12/13/14. Different coloured fox creatures inspired by the whole "Mists of Pandaria" rumour/leak. They are based off of the Inari foxes of Japan.

    15. Another "Mists of Pandaria" inspired critter. Based off of the vine snake.

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    This is not my art but I found this picture of Illidan pre sargeras empowerment. Look at that stud. I mean im not gay but damn Illidan is a handsome mofo before he got his eyes burned out. How the hell did Tyrande turn that down.
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    Havent seen one I didnt like, there is alot of talented mother fuckers in this thread, good job all you. I would like to get some of my own on, but no programs ATM, and no time either =(

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    Gotta hate censoring for MMO, huh Rachel? Once again amazed by your stuff, i'll have to consume your essence to gain your knowledge, as reading about Northern/Southern differentiations in from body type to culture makes my brain hurt. I look forward to seeing moar!

    Did this earlier, hell, it used to have a cock and balls... and a pair of tits! Nothing a bra and a bedsheet won't cover, though.



    I draw stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Summerdrake View Post
    I lieks cookies! *n turtles too!

    Nope, I didn't make the pic, but I know who did,
    Hint, if u right click a pic, it usually says who made it
    Thank you very much
    Here's a turtle for you -> o>O<-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnorei View Post
    Thank you very much
    Here's a turtle for you -> o>O<-
    Ty! <3 teh turtle!

    This mob would make an awesome non-combat pet! N with funny cluck cluck noise added!

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    Havent been here in ages and have missed out on so many purdy fan arts : o

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    Luv ur bunneh avatar! Bunnies!<3*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summerdrake View Post
    *Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky Turkey*
    They're already in-game, they just need the companion status and you're good to go ^^

    Also, having just realized we're allowed to post images from other fantasy series, this one I made maybe two months ago. It's the main characters from The Wheel of Time book series, and if you like fantasy and have not read those books, I'd very strongly recommend them. Might be a bit slow somewhere along the middle of it, but it's so worth it when you get past that bit! Can't wait for the final book to be released ^^

    Now that I see it again after so long, I wonder if there are a fair amount of details I should fix...

    Well, this being a WoW forum, here's some WoW fanart as well ^^


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    (╯ಠ_ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Take that.
    Now give me more Draenei art.

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    Loadsa love @ Callei :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokann View Post

    Loadsa love @ Callei :3
    I'm a little late, but I really like your new sig.

    Listen kiddos, trust Handsome Jack. You want every part of this insanity.
    So many people are gonna die.

    Formerly Ryngo Blackratchet

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    I haven't added to this in a while but here's a commission I had done by http://dogslug.deviantart.com/

    And (I forget if I've ever shared this)

    By http://chicharon.deviantart.com/

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