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    WoW Fan Art Thread

    Here you go, go nuts (and keep it within the forum guidelines).

    Edit by Bahumut5:

    For the sake of keeping this thread open:
    • Do not post pictures that show "Too Much".
    • Do not ask for PM's.
    • Do not offer PM's.
    • Anything that can be related to pornographic content (either in text together with "PM me for it" or the picture in question) will be deleted and the user could risk getting an infraction for showing Pornographic content (2 week + ban).

    If the rules can not be followed, then this will result in this thread getting locked until Lysah, I and the other General Moderators come to an agreement.

    If you have doubts about the contents of a Picture or anything you wish to post, please PM any General WoW or Super moderator and we will reply if it is allowed or not.

    Edit by Lysah:
    Don't panic.

    ;] As long as people don't argue! ~Raven

    Please provide a link to the original artwork if it's not your own. Thank you. ~Lokann

    Updated mods you can feel free to PM with active names.<3 -Elysia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    Here you go, go nuts (and keep it within the forum guidelines).
    Much appreciated.

    Need any help here on the forums? Just PM and I'll be more then glad to help you!

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    Bloodsail Admiral sscavenger's Avatar
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    So no pron then correct?

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    wait u mean like character art?
    Tell my why i have to be a power slave!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sscavenger View Post
    So no pron then correct?
    Correct. This was mainly made as a side thread for all of the fan art people were posting in the appreciation threads. You can get it all out here, and I won't even consider it spamming.

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    Miss Doctor Lady Bear Sunshine's Avatar
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    Keep it PG-13, please. We do have some younger members..

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    Stood in the Fire marrefar's Avatar
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    Bah... If I only could draw so well that it would look cool... /sadface+tear
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Dear Bahumut5 and other moderators trying to make users think I'm a girl, please have a giant cup of go fuck yourself.

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    Here is an example, everyone's favorite vindicator.

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    does photo shop count? i can't draw and thats the only media i use when it comes to wow

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    Here's a Draenei Cat Form concept, made by me in the Draenei Appreciation Thread.

    I hope it counts as Fan Art.

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    I don't really care. It doesn't have to be your art, it can be any art, WoW related, that you think is just super. The obvious stipulations apply (PG-13, etc).

    This is just a thread for pictures so that people don't post them everywhere else.

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    I think we've opened something like a million of this art threads, why keep opening more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elyaan-Amuno View Post
    Here's a Draenei Cat Form concept, made by me in the Draenei Appreciation Thread.

    I hope it counts as Fan Art.
    Awesome artwork!

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    A project we did for Blizzard, sadly it never got out from the lack of available spots for new merchandize.







    Oh eah, copy and complete the adresses, because I'm not allowed to post any links yet.

    Feel free to visit the rest of the blog, hope enjoy.

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    I was bored, done in ~20min, a little portait showing my nightelf druid^^
    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    Was total fun...... the lag party on Beta Leveling 01
    Beta test report: The loading bars are working as intended. Screens look smooth and decent drawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melnyna View Post

    I was bored, done in ~20min, a little portait showing my nightelf druid^^
    wow i wish i could draw like that

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    I wish i had the talents necessary… I just plan on going back to this thread to observe the many talented people on this forum
    We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us

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    Wow, that draenei cat is awesome!

    Thanks for making an official thread; should be easier to find now!

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    ok ill post some of my pics:

    Draenei Warrior

    Draenei Hunter

    PM request of male draenei Pally. I ran out of paper

    Another Draenei Hunter

    My RP character sketch.

    I hope you guys like :P

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