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    Weakaura text format


    I have problem with timers in my weakauras setup. At this moment, when my spell is on cooldown the timer format is, for example, "16,5", "16,4" (red color).

    I saw on Fragnance stream, that his timers are "16","15","14"(no " , " in format) and when it reaches 3 sec the format change to "2,9" , "2,8" etc and change color.

    How I can set timers to look like that?

    I hope everything is clear :P

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    Change under display > remaining time display.
    Dont know how to do that but you might get similar thing by having 2 wa's on top of each other and make the second one show when the remaining cd is =3 seconds and have different time displays
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    You most likely saw the addon OmniCC, which affects all frames that use cooldown text, including buffs, WeakAuras, action buttons, and any addon that uses default cooldown animations on their frames. There are settings and sliders to customize how cooldown animations and text display.

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