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    [Weak Auras] Wait 15 seconds after seeing buff

    I have two rampage icons. One for single target and one for aoe. I dont wanna see the single target one if I have seen the buff Meat Cleaver in the last 15 seconds. Not seeing anything online though. Can this be done?

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    Try something like this?

    Trigger 1: Whatever you're currently using, rage = 100% I guess
    Trigger 2: Aura, Aura Name: Meat Cleaver, Aura Type: Buff, Unit: Player
    Trigger 3: Event - Combat Log - Spell - Aura Removed, Source unit: Player, Spell Name: Meat Cleaver, Hide: Timed, 15

    Required for activation: Custom function

    return values[1] and not (values[2] or values[3]);

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