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    [Weakauras] Spell icon cooldown. How to remove the 0.0 when spell is ready ?

    Hey. Like the title says. Built big icons to show me my main rotation cooldowns. I want the icons to ALWAYS be there and have timers and faders when the cooldown is up, BUT If the spell is NOT on cooldown, I would like it to be just a plain icon without the big 0.0/0 (whichever decimal your using). And it is bugging me like crazy. I'm sure the answer is retardedly easy, but I've googled and even searched the threads here and I cant simply find the answer.

    Options are: Status trigger by cooldown (spell) - show always . Under display tab: "Cooldown" , %p , "Inverse" , 12,3 and then some icon/text size changes.

    Thanks in advance

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    By updating. IIRC that was bug ages ago. Or if you can reproduce that with the latest version, reporting it as a bug. Include a aura and whether you are using omnicc then.

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