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    Must have addOns

    Hi all,

    I'm not much of an addOns guy becuz I'm not mythic raider or pro pvp player.

    I'm casual who enjoys doing solo content, casual pet battles, hunting rares & treasures (jumping off to different servers <- quite a lot) WQ, dungeons (some mythic/+), dailies, and some LFR, Normal or Heroic.

    I have no knowledge of editing weakaura strings or whatever it's called... so please dont throw something advanced.

    So what are some important and must have addOns that I should be using? Please advice.

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    Details! is probably the best damage/healing/whatever meter going.
    If you want to do a bit more damage tell me when is nice, produces something like weakauras but easier to use for a layman.
    MoveAnything is pretty nice, does exactly what it says on the tin.
    Some form of bossmod might help you on heroic.

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    With all the pre written strings available for nearly everything in game available at https://wago.io/ Weak Aura's is no longer for the advanced user. But back OT.... A boss mod for raiding, depending on your UI Bartender or Dominoes for action bars and if the stock party and raid frames annoys you a mod for that too.
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    For WQ: World Quest Tracker, World Quest List, World Quest Assistant or World Quest Group Finder.

    For pet battles there are a few addons, I'm not much into it myself, I'd recommend to search youtube for it, Hazelnuttygames is covering a lot of pet battle stuff on the channel. I heard rematch is useful, so is pet breed ID.

    If you need weak auras to play your spec depends on the spec and how much you care about your performance really.

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    If you do dungeons and LFR then get DBM. weakauras isnt intimidating if you look at all the premade strings on wago.io either.

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    A lot of people use a total UI replacement called ElvUI. It has a lot of features that make the game look better.

    Pet battles: Rematch with accompanying website: https://www.wow-petguide.com/index.php?m=LegionWQ

    Hunting rares & treasures: HandyNotes (with HandyNotes_Argus)

    WQ: World Quest Tracker, World Quests List

    Dungeons (some mythic/+), some LFR, Normal or Heroic: DBM

    My personal top 5 6 7:
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    FuBar to see whos online (guild/friends), the time, the gold, currencies and some other selfwritten stuff.
    for pet battles PetJournalEnhanced, PetBattleTeams - for the Teams, PokemonTrainer - for in fight and BattlePetBinds to control fight only by keyboard.
    and a chatter for a better chat-
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    I think there's at least one ore two alternatives for any category. I saw a decently compiled list a while back on reddit, but off the top of my head you'd want PetJournalEnhanced and Rematch for pet battles; any boss mod (DBM/BigWigs incl. dungeon modules); any DPS meter (Details/Recount/Skada); maybe a buff tracker (ClassTimer? WeakAuras and TellMeWhen are more advanced)... World Quest Tracker also 100% mandatory IMHO :P

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    I could not live without handynotes, with the right plugins for it, it will make your life so much easyer

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    1. Bartender : easy to use and powerful ActionBar replacement mod :https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/bartender4
    2. Zpearl : UnitFrames, also very easy to adjust and customize https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/zperl
    3. Chinchilla, best Minimap mod https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/chinchilla
    4. Titan Panel information bar, many plug-ins, elegant and useful https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/titan-panel

    Those 4 are most important IMO

    This is my UI now, using those addons

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    I would not be playing this game were it not for Dominos, Bagnon, Icehud, Quartz, and the venerable but mighty Weak Auras (v2). The default UI is functional, but entirely too limiting.

    I used to swear by Shadowed Unit Frames/Vudho back before Blizzards new raid/party frames. But the new ones are actually pretty decent. So now i run them instead of the aforementioned frame addon combo.

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    details is too bloated. skada is better for a simple accurate damage meter.

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    If all you want is a simple dps meter, then yes Skada is pretty lean. Those whole point of Details though is that it offers a suite of tools for people who want to really perfect their performance. Most of which you can choose not to load. I will admit though that the popups on first installing Details are incredibly irritating.

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    for raiding we use RClootcouncil, Exorsius raid tools, Weakauras, and DBM or Biggwiggs. those are all pretty standard so if you are trying to get into raiding I recommend learning those.

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    Details has more features, but I personally prefer Skada's UI. Very simple, rightclick to go back, click to drill down.

    My contribution to the thread is GTFO. EVERYBODY should have it installed. It's a very simple addon-- when you're standing in the fire it makes a loud annoying noise. That's it. Essential.

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    As Lawomous said: ELVUI or TUKUI
    Basically makes everything tidy and simple, and covers most of what you want from addons. It's also able to do it with one single addon that takes very low memory for all it does.
    If you do try this UI, I strongly recommend you to start with Tukui, it's very simillar to elvui but with lesser options and features. Although, configuration is much simpler and straightforward.
    Tukui almost sets itself up with a pretty simple step config when you log in for the first time (also loadable from options in case you want to reset profile).

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