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    yesterday i was watching a wow twitch stream and everytime this guy pulled bloodlust, the music of digimon was playing and i thought that i really need that too.

    can someone PLEASE tell me what addon this is or how i can create something like this?

    thanks in advance

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    You cant be serious mate

    But anyways this should be pretty easy just get TellMeWhen or WeakAuras and put the Digimon music as a custom sound file when someone pops lust/heroism/whatever.

    This is a String for the Addon TellMeWhen:

    PHP Code:
    ^1^T^SPoint^^Sy^F5839057431035904 ^f-45^Spoint ^STOPLEFT^SrelativePoint ^SBOTTOMLEFT^Sx ^F5178051763634176^f-45 ^t^SScale^F8914986306895872 ^f-51^SColumns ^N1^SGUID ^STMW:group:1KooZ86Yd_OX^SIcons ^T^N1^^SCLEUEvents^^SSPELL_CAST_SUCCESS^^t^SType^Scleu ^SAlpha^N0 ^SName^SBurstHaste ^SUnAlpha^N0 ^SSourceUnit^Sraid~`1-40;~`group~`1-40;~`party~`1-4;~`player ^SEvents^^N1^^SType^SSound ^SSound^SDie! ^SEvent^SOnStart ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SSettingsPerView^^Sicon^^STexts^^N2^^t^t^t^SShowWhen^N3 ^SEnabled^^SCLEUDur^N45 ^t^t^SName^SDigimon ^t^N72218^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N17 ^^ 

    It basicly plays a sound (atm a random example sound I put in) whenever you, someone in your group or raid uses a BurstHaste Spell (which is Bloodlust, Ancient Hysteria, etc).
    This might be annoying, because i.e. if someone in your raid dies and you rezz him and he gets another Bloodlust, the music will play again. Or if someone in your raid fails and presses it by accident, it fails.

    So I made another one; Whenever YOU get a BurstHaste buff, the sound will play.

    PHP Code:
    ^1^T^SPoint^^Sy^F7835501574750208 ^f-45^Spoint ^STOPLEFT^SrelativePoint ^SBOTTOMLEFT^Sx ^F5682219720900608^f-45 ^t^SScale^F8211152299360256 ^f-51^SColumns ^N1^SGUID ^STMW:group:1Koog1uUf=CS^SIcons ^T^N1^^SType^Sbuff ^SAlpha^N0 ^SName^SBurstHaste ^SUnAlpha^N0 ^SEvents^^N1^^SType^SSound ^SSound^SDie! ^SEvent^SOnStart ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SSettingsPerView^^Sicon^^STexts^^N2^^t^t^t^SShowWhen^N3 ^SEnabled^^t^t^SName^SDigimon~`2 ^t^N72218^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N18 ^^ 

    So what you have to do is:
    1.) Get TellMeWhen here ->
    2.) Input the strong of me which you want to use;
    -> ESC -> Interface -> Addons -> TellMeWhen -> Groups Profile -> + Add another Group + -> Copy my String into it -> Import -> From String -> Group (GROUPNAME) -> Copy Group - Create new Profile Group
    3.) Type /TMW in your chat to edit the thing.
    4.) Right Click the Button -> Navigate to 'Notifications'. Then you see the sound file I put into it, you have to change it to your own, custom sound file. Just youtubed and found this guide this may help you out how to do it.

    Feel free to ask questions if you got stuck anywhere.
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