OK so I was looking at getting a new monitor and wanted a Ultra Wide. I was considering the X34 (1440p) and the Z35 (1080p wide). My thing is I would like to be able to be close enough to my character to think the game looks good but still be able to see enough not to lose an edge while playing. The other consideration is that If i'm waiting in que for an hour I wouldn't mind going into window mode to play league side by side next to wow in a bot game or something just to kill time or maybe bring up youtube to watch next to wow. I really like the new action camera and if it goes live i plan to play in that for all questing and stuff because it looks so good. I really want i nice wide Field of View and that's what all the charts that compare resolution make it look like you will receive but I am confused because the way it sounds when you read everything isn't that you get a larger field of view like the pictures suggest but that you get a higher Pixels Per Inch (PPI) So all in all i'm at a loss on what i want whether save the money and get the Z35 cuz i'm not that big of a graphics whore. or go with the X34 and get the extra FoV (if that's how it works). If that's how it works then i think with how the action cam plays the extra FoV would make that camera more viable and even more awesome especially with how everything looks up close.