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    Want to export current online members...Need Help please.

    So I dont know if this is the right place to ask this or not but what I want to do is create a listing in a google doc showing current members online in a guild. I am part of a guild that has a guild on one server and a new 2nd one on a different server. So I would like to create a document that people can look at to see who is online in the new guild and their rank so they can ask for invite if possible. Is there a coding or addon for this?

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    If they are asking for an invite are the two guilds on joined servers? If so why not just use the Search window, type in the guild name and see who is online? The search window gives a lot of details on the members.

    The problem with the google doc is keeping it updated to mimic real time changes. There are Guild Roster related API's you would have to look at. Possibly call GuildRoster() and then the GetGuildRosterInfo()

    Maybe you can look at using Discord?

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    The we have four guilds on one alliance server that we have linked by greenwall addon and we just started a horde guild on a different server for fun. We do have discord that we use but I was just trying to see if there was a way to list the people on the horde server that were on to invite and that have the officer rank which is the only rank we allow to invite. That way when someone was looking for an officer that live list may help them. The problem with discord is some ppl have it muted as we have so many channels that are pinging all the time. But I will check into the guildroster item you suggested. Thank you.

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