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    TMW: Show important Defensive Buffs


    i am looking for a way to show all of the most important defensive buffs on me. the reason why i want to use TMW is because it allows me to enter 'DefensiveBuffs' into the buff i want to track, which is basically a list of all the buffs. this way i would not have to create icons for each and every buff manually.

    the problem i am having is that if i create a group of 5 icons and make them all show 'DefensiveBuffs', they will all show the same buff. is there an easy way to achieve what i am trying to do or will i have to create single icons for every buff, instead of using the 'DefensiveBuffs' ?

    hope it is clear what i am trying to do. english is not my main language.

    alternatively, can i setup weakauras in a way that i enter certain buffs and it will expand the icons to the right or left when a new buff is added?

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