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    Simple UI

    I am searching a simple UI. My current UI is simplistic and i like it that way (Link). The one thing that bothers me are the main Nameplates, mine and that of my target. There are plenty of other UI that lets you customize it and saves position for each specc but came with the whole bundle, which has unnessesary features and uses a lot of ressources. For me it must be practical. So i am looking for an addon that only lets me edit these nameplates. Thank you for your time and help in advance.
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    Not AS simplistic but why not try LUI with a couple of addons (Example: Towelliee's LUI) Pretty simple and has a nice symmetric look to it

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    Get FrantikUi, its pretty amazing and super simple

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    For clarification, they appear to be asking for unitframes rather than nameplates.
    Nameplates are those you see above a (usually) hostile or neutral attackable target in the world.
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