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    Question "Ding" sound for 5 Holy power

    I'm not sure where this "ding" sound for 5 Holy power comes from, if from WoW itself or from Weak Auras. I know I like it, but somehow it's not happening any more for my Ret Pally. When spec to prot it's still there. I use WA in both specs. Anyone knows what I mean, where it comes from and how to turn it back on?

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    If you happen to use Miks Scrolling Battle Text, you can use it for custom sounds on certain events. (Just in case you don't figure out how to get it back with the other options you mentioned)

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    As Fastlane said, seems most likely to be MSBT.

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    You don't mention it, but Hear Kitty will do that for you.

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    I just tried that, and I def like hearkitty! What a great addon. Had never even heard of it.

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