Just woke my bear out of his 3 year hibernation since the Cataclysm. Has been fun moving in, revamping the UI and macros, and getting a feel for him again. Here's what I'm doing so far. Would love to here how it compares to those who've bear tanked more in WoD.

I macro'd Mangle with Berserk. Had read that it wouldn't work because they shared a GCD, but that must have changed because I tried it and it works. Not on my toon right now, but I believe it's something like...

#showtooltip Mangle
/cast Berserk
/cast Mangle

So I can spam it and use Berserk every time it's off CD.

I also macro'd Wild Charge to Typhoon, so I charge in and daze a group of adds:

/cast Wild Charge
/cast Typhoon

Again, this seems to be working.

I hot-keyed Ursol's Vortex to the same mouse button I use for Defile on my DK, so I can drop that on the group without thinking too much about it. Still wondering whether to do that before or after I charge?

The glyphs seem very lack-luster, but I glyphed Faerie Fire for the ranged silence I'm used to having with Strangulate. Combined with my Tauren stomp and Skull Bash, that gives me lots of options with casters.

What I'd like to focus on next is collecting my defensive CDs into just a couple of 'oh sh-t' buttons, one proactive and one reactive. That has worked well for me on my DK, although I have to tweak them occasionally for particular fights, of course.

Any thoughts?