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    Tier 11 Graphics

    Greetings! I'm mostly out of my tools, because I didn't copy all of my files to a new PC yet, but I've "datamined" graphics for Druid tier set. The sets are obviously unfinished, so there're a few graphical glitches and bugs. Also, I'll post any future discovered Tier sets here too (If any of you is faster/better than me, feel free to post your screenshots ) So.. Have fun

    Druid Tier 11 - Stormrider's Vestments/Regalia/Battlegarb
    (click on thumbnail)

    Rogue Tier 11 - Wind Dancer's Regalia
    (click on thumbnail)

    Note: I'll provide better screenshot, when I'll get my tools back.
    Edit: Added ingame preview of Druid set. Sorry, no rogue yet!
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    looks... meh.

    Reminds me of the vanilla dungeon set

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    they look alright, the head is abit meh, but the shoulders look badass, GOGO GADGET EAGLE WINGS!
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    Wow that's nice! Thanks for the pic
    Must... resist... posting... huge... animated GIF...

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    Druids version of judgement...awesome!
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    Now that is one good looking druid set.
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    Would be nice if those colors were race specific

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    Looks cool, but first tier of the expansion always looks meh.

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    The helm lets the set down, but those shoulders are nice.

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    very impressive, good work.

    I like these models a lot to, i've always liked the druid "bird-like" armor sets.

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    Nice going. It's time they stop just using 'new' skins on the same ancient models though. We need armor like the Lich King and other big NPCS.

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    Looks pretty good. The wing-shoulders are epic imo

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    Looks pretty sweet to be honest

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    Do like! Amazing job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zhrooms View Post
    Come on just post Rogue T11, even if it's bugged.. really wanna see
    Ok, Give me a couple of minutes
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    Cool, thanks for pic

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    Looks like once again Im the only one in the whole world that likes the helm.. :/

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    Nice find but..They look..Meh...

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    Nevermind this post I'm stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nak View Post
    Looks cool, but first tier of the expansion always looks meh.
    Unless you are a warrior.
    In that case,your tier gear always look badass-.-

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