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    Whats the best hunter spec in terms of damage

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    used to be MM think it's SV now

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    which spec and pet is the best fot lvling?


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    You can go whatever you want for leveling.

    BM will prolly be more efficient for questing.

    As for pet, use a cat / wolf, if it doesn't hold aggro (it really should), use a turtle or beetle.
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    thank you for you post ,it is very useful infor to know better about Hunter.

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    Thank you for you post. It's very useful to know more about Hunter's infor.
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    I think if you have time you could update this to go with MoP or alteast patch 5.0.x

    Some odds I found when checking it out.

    - We can now have 5 pets with us (Saying 4 on guide [wotlk])
    - Old pet flowcharts on guide.

    There is a post about the new pet flowcharts, but it's already down to page 2 and most people will propably miss it.
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    Altough it would be good mannered to ask the author for permission anyways.

    New flowchart found at
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    u guys have any hunter dismiss pet macro? im not talking about casting one, but right-clickin dismiss macro...
    seems like /script PetDismiss() doesnt working now...

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