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    Question What Pets are you taming tomorrow?

    So with 4.0.1 bringing awesome raid buffs to pets, which pets will you be taming as soon as you're able to play?

    I already have Krush for 5% crit (and a wolf if i'm not playing as BM), my winterspring cat for the strength of earth debuff.. i'll probably also head out and grab a Corehound and Silithid for their buffs..

    As for when Cataclysm hits, i'll definitely grab a Tenacity pet to possibly use while levelling etc Rhinos look good, or a Gorilla or a Croc.. or all 3!
    As for pets with the fun factor a Fox, Dog, Monkey and possibly any old pet with a cool new skin will earn a place in my stables :P

    Can't wait to grab a shale spider in cata too

    Just one thing i'm a bit dissapointed with- do we really need to have to re talent every pet we take out of the stables? Seems like an unnecessary annoyance to me!

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    I have a wolf, wasp, devilsaur, spider and crocolisk. I am going to tame these:
    Cat: Shango (Sholazar) - it hasnt the same models as other cats, it looks like Nelf mounts.
    Corehound: The Beast (UBRS) - it stays tagged as boss with ?? level
    Silithid: Silithid Ravager (Shimmering Flats, 40K needles)
    Raptor: Felsworn Daggermaw (NE Blade´s Edge Mountains)
    Bear: Rabid Grizzly (Dragonblight, Stars´ Rest)
    Hyena: Snickerfang (Blasted Lands)
    Plainstrider: (Barrens)
    Ravager: Quillfang Skitterer (HFP)
    Wind Serpent: Scion of Quetz´lun (Zuldrak)

    I am taking these with regards to all possible raid buffs

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    I don't know. TONS! We have so many slots now!


    And they will all have candy/dessert-related names.
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    The Beast for sure!

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    Rhino for the Knockback lulz

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    Definitely a core hound, probably a hyena... something with a rare skin that I won't see in Cata, like a diseased bear from WPL.

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    Tomorrow? All the cool stuff i can get my hands on.

    When cata rolls around.. arctic fox for sure.

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    I read somewhere that The Beast loses its boss level ?? tag.

    I currently have a spirit beast, wolf, cat, wasp and slime. I will be taming EVERYTHING ELSE.

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    do any raptors have the same skin as the ones in ZG? assuming we can still get into ZG that might be nice to get for nostalgia's sake.

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    Are pets gaining their new powers with this patch as well? For instance the Core Hound gaining Lust.
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    Pets I will tame in patch 4.0:
    Core Hound

    Pets I will tame in Cataclysm:
    Shale Spider
    Seagull (Yes I know its a Bird of Prey)
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    All spirit-beasts, I have my Darkshore-cat and am trying to tame Krush but that STUPID Loque'nahak can't stop spawning ;( It's driving me insane!
    And I have Ironjaw as a wolf..

    But the first thing will be to go to Molten Core and get me some REAL hounds.. not those tbc wannabe's!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odayaka View Post
    something with a rare skin that I won't see in Cata, like a diseased bear from WPL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rah View Post
    do any raptors have the same skin as the ones in ZG? assuming we can still get into ZG that might be nice to get for nostalgia's sake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yomirizer View Post
    Are pets gaining their new powers with this patch as well? For instance the Core Hound gaining Lust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaster View Post
    Pets I will tame in patch 4.0:
    Seagull (Yes I know its a Bird of Prey)
    The only reason for me to tame seagull is to call it IAmNotSteven. Or perhaps for specialization on melees in BGs

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    naming seagull 'mine'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
    naming seagull 'mine'.
    Nemo, no!

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    In order:

    Kolkar Packhound in the Barrens
    Corrupted Dreadmaw Crocolisk in the Barrens
    Deviate Adder in Wailing Caverns
    Deviate Dreadfang in Wailing Caverns
    Rotting Agam'ar in Razorfen Kraul
    Corrupted Scorpid in Durotar
    Red Bat in Tirisfal Glades
    Kaliri Swooper in Hellfire Peninsula
    Quillfang Ravager in Hellfire Peninsula
    Marshfang Ripper in Zangarmarsh
    Spore Bat in Zangarmarsh
    Lost Torranch in Terrokar Forest
    Pitch in Sholazar Basin
    Ice Steppe Bull in Storm Peaks
    Drakuru Raptor in Zul'Drak

    And when Cata hits, a dog, fox, shale spider, beetle and monkey.

    I've already got a wolf, core hound, devilsaur, silithid, and worm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    And they will all have candy/dessert-related names.
    Why does a Seagull named jellybean give me a big smirk now :P

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    Pets to Tame:

    Cat (For Agi/Str buff) - Black Lion - DONE
    Spirit Beast (For Agi/Str buff) - Logue'nak - DONE
    Core Hound (For Bloodlust and Cast Speed Reduction) - Kurken -
    Wolf (For 5% Crit) - Gray/Snow Wolf - DONE
    Raptor (Armor Debuff) - Venomhide Ravasaur (Un'goro) -
    Hyena (Extra Bleed Damage) - Pesterhide Snarler (Thousand Needles) -
    Tallstrider (10% Melee Reduction) - Mazzranache (Mulgore) -
    Silithid (Health) - Hive Regal Hive Lord (Silithus) -
    Sporebat (Casting Speed Debuff) - Sporebat (Zangramarsh) -
    Ravager (4% Phys Dmg Taken) - Rip-Blade Ravager (BEM) -
    Wind Serpent (8% Spell Dmg Taken) - Ice Serpent (Grizzly Hills) -
    Bear (12% Physical Damage) - SHardtooth (Camp Tunka'lo Stomr Peaks) -

    Shale Spider (5% Stats) - ??? -

    Then drag them through lots of Heroics to level them up.

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    Right now my stable is filled by 2 spirit beasts, King Krush, the obligatory wolf (one of the oil stained ones) and my cat, who's my first pet and I can't get rid of. So yeah, I'm looking forward to this patch and finally being able to tame ANYTHING.

    First steps will be to get my bird of prey and my raptor back. Then a tank of some sort, not sure what yet, maybe a turtle. And of course a corehound (wtb more than 3 skins).
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