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    Read Before Posting

    Simple Rules:
    • Post only smaller thumbnails, the provided hosting sites allow an auto resize to that option, or generate one for you.
    • Don't quote massive images. replace them by [image] or something. People can click on the quote link to go to the original post and see the actual image.
    • Don't post threads about what you'd like Blizzard to add to the stock UI. There is a suggestions forum over at the official forums for that.
    • GearScore threads are not encouraged. No good ever comes of them, please do not make them.

    Websites to host images:

    Websites to host files/UI compilation:

    Post your UI threads
    Post your UI

    UI Related Questions
    UI Related Questions

    Properly linking images.

    Please follow the rules or your post will disappear. Don't forget our global forum rules!


    These links contain guidelines of how to link from various image hosting services.

    Photobucket: Guide
    Imageshack: Guide - (Their new layout makes getting full size links really hard. Not recommended.)
    Hostingpics: Guide
    ImgUR: Guide
    UploadFFS: Guide
    Tinypic: Guide (Tinypic added referrer checking to raw image links. I recommend against using them.)
    WoWInterface: Guide
    Abload: Guide
    bildr.no: Guide (Bildr.no added referrer checking to raw image links. I recommend against using them.)
    imagecave.com: Guide

    Follow those. It makes the forums better for everybody.
    As if that argument would convince anybody :/
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