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    The last episode felt disappointing but deep down I know it's building to something really good.

    I just wana know what!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hatorihanzo View Post
    Comics are monthly, you might want to pick up the Walking Dead compendium Vol. 1 if you want to get your feet wet with the comics.
    It's worth it guys trust me! It reads very much like a movie drama.

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    I really liked the last episode. It felt more like a TV series, and less of a "We need to get Rick from point A to B"

    It felt natural.

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    Watching the third episode tonight. Can't wait to see how it turns out.;

    Big fan of the comic series so also looking forward to TBP 13 when it appears.

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    Looking forward to seeing what has happen to Merle.. Do you think he found the bag of guns and is out for "living" blood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Dalliah- View Post
    I would really love reading it but it hasn't been shipped to Sweden yet (I think..)

    I would prefer to stay away from "illegal sites"... damnit :/

    Here you go, Dalliah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andunae View Post

    I dunno.. just seemed a bit weak.
    Ep 3 finished with a better ending though, it instantly thrust questions into your head. Rather than.. ooo shiny Mustang goes BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

    but as I said, still loving it
    You know, im pretty sure that was A Dodge Challanger <_<

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    How could you go wrong with a post apocalyptic world with zombies.
    Well you could, but this show I feel got the zombie feel just right.
    Must say, after watching episode 3, I have really high hopes that the next episode will be amazing.

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    The 5 minute behind the scenes episode are pretty cool. The show itself is going to be quite awesome if it keeps to the comic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hasviel View Post
    You know, im pretty sure that was A Dodge Challanger <_<
    My apologies then, a car buff I am not

    Shiny, loud, American muscle car. Better? :P

    Edit: Quick Google and..
    It is indeed a Dodge Challenger
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    So did the hick get his revenge in the last episode by driving all the zombies up to the camp? I'm abit thick right now...but I assume that's what happened..

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    Too bad the serie isn't coming to the Netherlands, but I watched all of them online and I must say, I really enjoy the show
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    Pretty good episode tonight, I thought. Less action/zombies, but still a few pretty intense scenes.

    I almost got goosebumps during that final scene
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    I liked it too. Was a pretty emotional episode last night.
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    Last scene of yesterday's episode was amazing!
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    Shit forgot about last night. Will need to watch it today.

    Kinda sucks the sister got killed off last episode. I liked her.

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    Yeah I am looking forward to episode 6. Although I will be a sad panda when it ends and I have to wait another year for it to start back up.

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    Will be 13 or 24 episodes?

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    13 episodes last I heard
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