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    Coorslite - Seriously

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    galahan, its got personal meaning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whysocereal View Post
    That's actually a good, imaginative name right there. I lol'd.

    My paladin (whom I will probably not play come Cataclysm, as paladins are the most boring class ever invented and are my second to last choice - sorry, paladin fans; there are just too many of you - seems that every flipping raid video is from a paladin's pov. WTF is up with that...?).

    Anyway, as I was saying, my paladin is a female draenei called Dvaenya. The "ae" Anglo-Saxon combo for the fantasy feel; Russian-sounding because she is draenei; and it sound similar to "divine".

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    Retbull - tauren paladin

    (have the name saved for when cata comes out)

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    My 2 Paladins Are:
    Fentrickus - Holy Pally (Had him since Valilla wow days)
    Markaurilius - Ret Pally (created in the last 6 months)

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    Pryona (Ret Ms/ Prot Os)I wanted Pryo but it was taken then my friends came up with Pryona because I made a BE and it's embarrassing to be killed by a BE named Pryona imo .

    Sorath (Ret)- fallen angel to some whose number is 666.

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    Barnez the Noble

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    zombicide, cuz im like pesticide for zombies

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    big muse fan, it's the name of one of Matthew Bellamy's gutiars.
    When I died I walked into the light, but what I saw I didn't like
    I went to heaven but I didn't go in
    They don't condemn the sinners; they condemn the sin

    St Peter I must confess, I'm more of a devil than my life suggests
    tell god it's appreciated but I was born in hell, hell is where we made it

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    I have Alreven who is now Aluxan after a server transfer and wanted something more Light sounding. I have another paladin named Auxi, supposed to be named Auxil for auxillary paladin.

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    Ryuji. Never heard of the name ever before when I first thought it up. I kid you not...come to find out it means Dragon Man and is in a lot of anime, derp.

    Either way, the name stuck and it's been the name of main characters or profiles for all types of games I play.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sakpoth View Post
    I find it unreasonable to ask for other than obvious reasons, when the reason obviously is the obvious reason.

    Song that's currently stuck in my head: Kirby's Dream Course - Green Fields

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    I love healing and choose the word Lightworker because it's already a term.

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    Isenhart, because I liked the name in Diablo 2 and I lack creativity. =D

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    My name was originally retardbus but was forced to change. Now it is Stpat from Saint Patrick. yes im irish and i drink during raids.

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    every charecter i have leveled past 20 has had an original or very cool name
    hunter- bildren (deleted at 48)
    warrior- skelitor (currently 80)
    priest- leothuz (also 80)
    mage- Zanaty (my personal favorite, also 80)
    PAladin- Galanos (currently 40)
    Rogue- Stabotage (currently 39, my second favorite)

    Imma geek!

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    My first paladin's name was Ureka. I wanted it to be Eureka, like Eureka from Eureka 7, but luckily that name was taken by a lvl 7 alt that hadn't been played in years. zzzzzzzzz My 2nd and current paladin's name is Nakiami. I wanted to also name this paladin Eureka, but lucky me this time it was occupied by a lvl 14 or instead of settling for Ureka again I went with Nakiami, from Bouen no Xam'd. Aside from my warlock whose name I thought of myself, all of my other toons are named after anime characters I like, cause i am just super cool like that. /wink

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    I was Loadblower originally...but got Yesforatu a stupid anti Nosferatu name I thought was funny at the time.
    " 'A real man makes his own luck.' - Billy Zane, Titanic " - Dwight K. Schrute

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    Chef Nikoll
    Pondering returning.
    Nikoll - Retribution Paladin

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