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    All my toons are named after underground rappers lol, and i try to make the name fit the class, but my paladin doesnt fit i jus like the name lol, "Grand Marshal Slug"

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    Professor Photek.

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    Ossus with whatever title I feel like rolling with.

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    Tetten the Explorer

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    Twilight Vanquisher Lightvale. Because it definitely looks better than Lightvale of the Nightfall...

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    Celestic, the Light of Dawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preliatus View Post
    Used Cralitas.

    If I remember correctly the origin was a latin word for heavy spirit and then I butchered it. Resulting in a word different than the originating root word.

    I also used Anvile, or Anvil. Made a short lasting Dwarf paladin named Skidmark, but that didn't go over so well.
    I had a dwarf warrior named Skidmark several years ago. Played him for about two weeks then got bored and deleted him to free up a character slot. Skidmark just seems to be a fitting name for a dwarf of any class.

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    My paladin's name is "Seìken". But only because "Seiken" was taken.

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    Scum the Bloodthirsty

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    Champelf bloodsail admiral

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    Lightbull Tauren paladin

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    The Patient
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    Migrin, a dwarf of course! ;-)

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    Pachirisu, human female
    "From the first to the end of the Sixth Generation of consoles, for THIRTY FOUR YEARS, this is what gaming was and it was FANTASTIC! You enjoyed the experience and gaming was what it was supposed to be FUN, COMPLETE, no DLC back then the new content was called a sequel and we waited eagerly for it."

    -Muzz (L1GAMES)

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    Vasari the Relic Hunter
    Blood Elf Paladin

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    My Dwarf paladin : Ferromir

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    Back in Bc or Wotlk I named mine Aurêlius - because of the auras they can use.

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    Professor Bodatopls.

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    Lilithz , makes sense for a paladin doesn't it? xD

    It was suggested by a friend of mine, she was kinda twisted

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    Holy shit, 80% of this thread is a play on "holy", "ret", "bubble", "din", "paladin", etc. and 15% seems to be people stealing names from elsewhere.

    5% seems to be original names they thought of themselves. Is creating a name really that hard?

    OT: My Paladin's name is Segus. Had it since Vanilla, it was my first character. It doesn't mean anything, nor is it a famous character.
    I'm not a native English speaker, and yet, I don't suck at English. The argument "English is not my mother tongue" doesn't actually give you an excuse to do so.

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