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    Human Paladin named Daos

    I don't recall exactly since this toon was made way back in early Classic, but I THINK my logic at the time was to play off the word "Deus." Which is of course why I find using the name Daos Ex to be highly amusing now, in a very private joke kind of way.
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    <--- Dafrekknpope.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolatinia View Post

    Deathwing begins to explode as he explodes

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    Aggromuffin >:]

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    Mildennais. I randomized the name on my first day of WoW. According to WoWarmory, I'm the only one with this name.

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    Dexterous, just because.

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    Under your bed
    Yeah it's below.

    Don't ask I don't even...
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    My pally's name is Ashketchup :P

    Quote Originally Posted by archangelz View Post
    slammin' gooks since 'nam
    I saw this and I remember seeing a holy pally named Gookslammer or something of the sort in a bg a few months back... you don't happen to be from the battlegroup Stormstrike, do you?

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    I typically use the handle 'Xelios' but ever since reading the Malloran and the Belgariad I started putting prefixes in front of my toons.

    The prefix 'Bel' means 'Disciple of the first god (masculine)'
    The prefix 'Pol' means 'Disciple of the first god (feminine)'
    'Kal' means 'Tyrant King' or 'Evil God'

    So my first toon was a priest, and he had Bel
    My second toon was a shaman, so I was forced to use Pol for him, since I created him before deletng my Bel.
    My third toon was a paladin, and I was feeling ironic, since he's a blood elf paladin and, as such, is really more of a twisted version of a paladin from the Alliance ones. So an evil tyrant god king thing paladin. It seemed neat at the time.

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    Tamlus The Argent Champion!!!
    A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.

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    I made my pally in a time where i constantly rerolled every two days. Gave her the name "Vankylmuut" that sounds like the german term "Wankelmut", meaning something like fickleness, flightiness, inconstancy, unstableness, unsteadiness...
    Fittet my mood, but since she is 80 now, it doesnt anymore

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    << and vvv

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    Mine is Detonation. Fire Mage name, I know, but.. I've grown fond of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sengiratolom View Post
    Global= kill in one global cooldown, in what universe do you have 12 sec gcds? Where the hell did you get so much negative haste that you now attack 8 times as slow?

    Would be hilarious to watch you auto attack someone with a 3.8 speed weapon, 1 attack every 30.4 seconds. some1 stands in meleerange and runs away every 25sec= you dont attack @ all and the green geared person with a lvl 60 dagger stabs away your health.
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    Ken. Keepin it simple

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    Wikipedia it.

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    my paladin alt is Retlol
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    Priests will receive Blood Strike and the ability to wield two handed swords

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashketchup View Post
    My pally's name is Ashketchup :P

    I saw this and I remember seeing a holy pally named Gookslammer or something of the sort in a bg a few months back... you don't happen to be from the battlegroup Stormstrike, do you?
    Yup, on mal'ganis. Changed my name recently though.
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    Katerlinn (female dwarf), Kadimm (male draenei) and Zarell (male blood elf) are mine.

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    My pallys name is Arbiter, because it means, one who judges. And i swaer to god if you say im obsessed with halo, i will slit your throat.
    "Hey guys? Why am i dead?" "You stood in a voidzone." "But that guy told me they gave a damage buff."

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