View Poll Results: What race is your main Shaman character?

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  • Draenei

    72 18.18%
  • Dwarf

    37 9.34%
  • Goblin

    30 7.58%
  • Orc

    104 26.26%
  • Tauren

    40 10.10%
  • Troll

    64 16.16%
  • Pandaren (Horde)

    16 4.04%
  • Pandaren (Alliance)

    33 8.33%
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    Lightbulb Why did you chose that race for main Shaman character?

    Why did you chose that race (the race you chose) for main Shaman character?

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    Goblin because of 1% haste, always the cheapest prices, easy access to bank and rocket jump.

    I have however grown tired of the small model of my goblin, so now I'm in progress of finding a model which looks better in the CM and Kor'Kron shaman set.

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    Dwarf because I can't stand Draenei and wanted an Alliance shaman in Cataclysm.

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    Dwarf because there is no other choice. I don't care what your character select screen shows.

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    Orc because awesome animations and big shoulders.

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    Originally I was a Draenei, but went horde during Dragon Soul and chose Goblin. During HoF progression I wanted to "buff" HTT (I wa resto at that time) so I swapped to Troll and haven't looked back.
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    Orc. Nothing else really makes sense in my mind.
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    i chose Orc because it looked best imo back in vanilla. Melee animations look excellent (even with fist weapons) compared to other races, I play enhancer obviously.

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    Troll... because I really dig Vol'jin. (Cant wait for the new exp)

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    I picked a Draenei because I made my Shaman in BC and it was my only option.

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    Female Draenei because I wanted a female character as a change from my male druid. Draenei was the most elegant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moridius View Post
    I picked a Draenei because I made my Shaman in BC and it was my only option.
    This, I went horde for a few months during MoP, was an Orc, came back to Alliance, went Draenei again.
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    Always been a fan of Orcs since I started playing Frozen Throne

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    Orc because Frostwolf transmog.

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    Started Orc and went Troll right before we started hardmodes in tier 11.

    Stinks that the ICC set looks bad on Trolls(female toons) because when I was an Orc that was far and away my favorite set in the game.

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    Dwarf because their beards are just too epic, will get even more epic in WoD, and also i played mostly alliance so my only other option was draenei which are not an option at all at least for me.

    I mean just look at that guy, pure sexiness...

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    Dwarves and Orcs. Honestly, Dwarf animations are just awesome. Orcs cause shoulders and also good animations.

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    I would of loved to be a Dwarf, but ...there is no but. I like Dwarves but I also like Draenei. Draenei are just space goats, and I like goats.

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    Cause I wanted a alliance shaman in Wotlk. And it's female because, well, male draenei :s (*puke*)
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    tauren since '05. nature, native/nomadic theme is what captivated me. there was no way i was gonna drop this race after hearing the drums echoing in thunderbluff. probably most influential was the music. all in all, i felt tauren fit the best description of a shaman.

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