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    I'm getting my ass kicked

    I'm playing enhance and have done for a while. Since leaving shadowmoon pretty much every fight involving more than one mob leaves me around 20% HP.

    This is becoming a burden fast. I'm spending more time healing than I am fighting and the healing is pretty weak too. At first I thought I just needed better gear but now I'm wearing Draenor blues and greens I'm starting to have doubts.


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    I very rarely have to fight more than one mob. When I do, I usually pop my wolves and take them out and end up with full health. I use my maelstrom on healing surge any time im not at full health. No down time to heal. If I need to heal, ill start my next fight and use my wolves and mw5 as well any other healing cooldowns I have.

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    What's your ilvl/weapon? Noticed gear is pretty huge for lvling in WoD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WskyDK View Post
    What's your ilvl/weapon? Noticed gear is pretty huge for lvling in WoD.
    I'm currently Ilvl 563 and wielding two fist weapons 550 and 553 ilvl.

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    Most people I've seen while questing have been getting very low in health. I've been playing enhance for a while and I also get lower than I'd like.

    Change your glyphs around. Glyph of Flame Shock is pretty good for multiple targets.
    If you get overwhelmed, remember that you can use Earth Elemental, which should pull all of the threat of you almost immediately.
    Use Earthbind Totem and Capacitor Totem.
    Also, of course, remember to use your defensive CDs like Shamanistic Rage and Astral Shift (or whichever one you've chosen)

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    If you're still gemmed/enchanted for pure mastery you will suffer alone, since it does absolutely nothing for survivability. Drop some agi and agi/haste gems in and (like someone else said) swap in glyph of LS (passive -10% dmg alone), and FS or wolves (the +40% heal one).

    But ofc it's (far) more likely that the spec is just total crap now when it comes to self-healing.
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    Thanks for these suggestions guys, I'm gonna try swapping some glyphs and such and I'll get back to you.

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    At the end of MoP I finished leveling my warrior and shaman. I got my shaman to timeless isle (ele/resto) and was enjoying playing him but had a hell of a time grinding rep fighting those tauren like guys. LOTS of corpse runs. A little while later I got my warrior there and facerolled like crazy...seriously, why even play a shaman for dps when a warrior is soooo much more powerful? I would end every fight taking on 2-3 elites with full health. The damage output on my warrior in both arms and fury was way higher than shaman.

    I will get around to playing shaman again in WoD but it is 8th in line to level now. My warrior will be second.
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