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    Best Nameplate Addon?


    Probably have been asked before, but what is the best Nameplate addon arround?

    Cant find any good myselfe, and well ... alot of people here :P

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    What defines the best is down to personal opinion. I will instead just list several of the popular ones, or options worth looking at.

    • Tidyplates, particularly with the Threatplates module
    • CaelNameplates
    • DocsNameplates
    • dNameplates

    A short list of some of those and more you can find from Nameplates @ Vranx

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    Tidyplates - Clean Plates.. best :P

    or Aloft but aloft is annoying to setup.

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    I use Tidy Plates (neon theme). I used to use aloft which is probably the most customisable name plate addon but Tidy plates is a lot simpler and does everything I need.

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    Tidy Plates : easy to configure and looks nice and clean

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    Headline, there's nothing cleaner

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    dNameplates, clean and lightweight

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    Do you find it difficult to know what are you targeting with threat plates when there are lots of mobs close together or is it just me?

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    TidyPlates + Threatplates, a lot of customization options, including customization on specific fights (different nameplate colors/size/alpha for different adds in lady deathwhisper or lich king fight).

    Do you find it difficult to know what are you targeting with threat plates when there are lots of mobs close together or is it just me?
    Reduce the size of tanked nameplates to like 50%, they become smaller and you can still see their name and health %. And add a different border color for your target (its somewhere in the options), mine is bright blue, hard to not notice between red nameplates.

    I have trouble with gigantic sized mobs (dreamwalker nameplate for example, or when you tank sindragosa), they are hard to manually target being on top of screen, sometimes off screen. Also have trouble with flying adds, such as lich king phase 3 or algalon, im forced to zoom out to max (using /maxcameradistancefactor 5) and they are still difficult to manually target when they are behind me.
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    headline for sure!!!

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