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    Quote Originally Posted by allforone View Post
    I'd note they nerfed arcane by about 25% but buffed fire and slight nerfs to frost.

    In this patch it will only apply 13% per stack for a maximum of 52%, so now it will simply take them an extra cast to global you. (Old was 23% per hit up to 92%.(glyph provides extra 3%)

    I'm calling Blizzard out on knee-jerking on most of the changes here. These aren't thought out or calculated other than on the back of someone's hand, particularly if these are for leveling.
    On locks there is no fix to the utter lack of self-healing you get as affliction when you aren't in T10 or cata gear, for kicks I'm gearing a 2nd lock, thing has full blues and heirlooms and honestly even single mob fights take enough health that I have to eat/wait after 2-3 pulls, chain pulling as aff is completely dead.
    Hunters are a joke. Aimed shot is supposed to be the "signature" move of marksman, and it isn't ever worth casting.
    They're nerfing feral druids, when their damage is already a joke.
    They gutted rogues when their dps is already lower than my felguard.
    The arcane change is a buff, not a nerf. L2mafs my good sir/madam.

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    Haha, hunters got nerved EVEN MORE!

    Time to pull the plug really

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    Wow, guess i'm NOT playing my hunter after all...I just spent weeks getting him ready for the expansion and now they completely nerf them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overcharge View Post
    Heh, fury warrior's get nerfed. What a joke, Raging blow damage cut in half, bloodthirst cut in over half. What a joke, though Blizzard is infact the worst at making classes balanced, out of every mmorpg ive ever played.
    You are by far the best at over exaggerating, however. Bravo!

    Seriously, Blizzard the worst?

    LOL. Mythic would like a word with you.

    It only took them about 2-3 years to address game breaking class imbalances, and still to this day the imbalances that exist are unbelievable. Nothing in WoW, however you may perceive it because you died/lost/under perform/whatever due to poor skill/poor luck/whatever, remotely compares to "poor balancing" that exists in other games. Blizzard are leagues ahead of the competition when it comes to raw data analysis.

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    Boub really messed it up here for blizz here. I can see lots of kneejerk QQ posts like above in blizz forums from this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrahkenKahn View Post
    I think you understood. Multishot is ONLY effective if it IS a pack of 7-9. And CC? I'm not talking about AoE-ing raids here. The example I used was from ICC, but that's not really your primary AoE concern. Most of the time, you just want to be able to dash through your daily random and AoE your way through all of the trash to get your rewards. Or even just out in the world. Like the Argent daily to kill 15 cultists. It's not a high-end raiding issue. It's a quality of life issue. And yes, this is for level 79 and below, but for a skill that's already so weak, did it really need a nerf?
    You will still use multi-shot if you ever outgear an instance enough to AoE everything down, if things are dying too fast for you to get started on your rotation/prio system obviously it will have an impact on the number of mobs needed for multi-shot to be viable.

    And killing mobs? Really? Ya lets forget about the whole issue of them having a lot of hp and doing some serious damage now, we want our AoE to be balanced as if we could aoe them down!

    AoE wasn't put in the game for grinding mobs for dailies or doing stuff you outgear, so please don't bring those up as reasons for why AoE should be buffed.

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    I get that they're nerfing abilities to keep lower bracket pvp in check, but why would you have weapon attacks that do less than 100% dmg, without any additional effects. I.E Arcane Shot dealing 61% of dmg +flat value. Let's draw a concrete example using my lvl 28 hunter alt: BoA bow deals 52-98dmg, arcane shot deals 100%+31, so a range of 83-129dmg. Post patch it will deal 52-98dmg and arcane shot witll deal 61%+31, so 62-90dmg (values are rounded). Why would autoshot do roughly the same dmg (mean of normal dmg = 75 and mean of arcane shot dmg = 76)as arcane shot, might as well autoshot and play bm while afking from my keyboard. I'm assuming most classes face a situation like this for certains specs, if not all specs in which ability dmg is identical or slightly inferior to regular dmg. Everyone should then just spec for utility skills like survival for explosive shot.

    ***The above calculations were done with arcane shot glyphed, so in reality we should subtract 12% of the flat dmg, making the end dmg lower than autoshot dmg.

    The scariest part is that this example uses BoA gear, which implies that the player has already leveled a toon and up to certain is familiar with the game engine....Imagine a new player looking at this and becoming completely confused as to why his abilites don't help him in any way whatsoever.
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    ahh shit, i'd better hit 80 fast!

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    As someone who enjoys leveling alts in bg's I am pleased with these changes. It was a joke with rogues and druids 1-shotting everything.

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    Thumbs up M >_< m hoof hands

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarrior View Post
    Oh god, did Boub just say sorry, 15 times? oO
    yea because about 300-400 people just blew up without reading through the comments.

    JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS ---> Makes you a better player. /win

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    Boubouille, can you please separate the changes into changes for 1-79, and changes for everyone? I honestly don't know if the 12 second cd on Rapture is just for 1-79 or for everybody, or the change to Attonement, or Fingers of Frost, Early Frost, etc..
    85 Priest/72 Druid/85 Mage/24 Shaman/56 Paladin

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    wondering, if blizzard thinking of selling any Cataclysm expansion with this brainless changes they doing atm from the first day of patch 4.0.1.
    Amazingly fucked up, they doing drugs over there?

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    This is part of the program when you change the game from level 1 and up. Sadly it looks like Blizzard is just gonna forget every formula they made and just manually fix numbers for each level.

    Game needs to be decently balanced from 1-79. It is not atm and BLizzard has been ingoring it- watching the raw stats lately of raids only. Alot of issues have come up and are continuing show up. For example - now with holy paladins only getting their AOE healing abilites in 80+ the class is very serioulsy gimped in 5 man runs for early content. Neither is there a serious buildup of healing spells from 1-79. Other healers have pretty much balanced spells all throughout the leveling progress - if they prefer to use their healing spec in few 5 mans.

    Lets not forget that this game is not just about end levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marraphy View Post
    Boubouille, can you please separate the changes into changes for 1-79, and changes for everyone? I honestly don't know if the 12 second cd on Rapture is just for 1-79 or for everybody, or the change to Attonement, or Fingers of Frost, Early Frost, etc..
    Are those weapon based attacks or Magic talents? Think real hard on that one.

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    LOL people are still blind.

    I'm glad we have sooooo many of them fighting beside us in this new content.


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    Today is a very sad day.

    Not to mention that they remove Lil' Alexstrazsa after blizzcon ends so we don't get a chance to tell Blizard how we feel about it.

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    If I could fire a laser beam out of my mouth that could travel through computers and hit everyone that posted QQ about this effecting 80-85 balance I would. Sadly I can't so I just have to sit here watching people prove to everyone that they stop reading everything the second they see a change they think is bad.

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    So lets see: we have 2 classes who are completely op in term of damage and what do I see?! They nerf the hell out of every other dps class but those 2.

    I am not so sure I wanna play Cataclysm, not having a mage or shadow priest I mean.

    Please Diablo 3, come quickly the ship is sinking.

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    So when will we get corrected lvl 80 spells change/diff list?

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