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    Trial of the Crusader was a major step backwards in the overall design of raiding. While it was fun and amusing filler content, it reinforced many many bad raiding habits. It is unfortunate to think that anyone just getting into raiding about that time learned from ToC and that population is probably what constitutes as many of the baddies with over-inflated egos that run rampant on most servers now.

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    I know some of these are dungeons, but they are notable mentions!

    1) ToC without a question. Just lame design except for the final boss
    2) Maraudon (though the end is pretty and fairly unique boss)
    3) AQ40 - just a pretty confusing and generic place until the end boss, tbh
    4) Wailing Caverns - confusing and far too large for its level.

    I'm not a fan of dungeons on the LFG system that take an insane amount of time to run back in, e.g. WC, Maraudon or BRD (which I personally think is very fun until some noob causes everyone to wipe and it takes 10mins for everyone to figure out where the entrance is and actually manages to find their way to their corpse).
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    Halls of Stone - yes I raid that

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    well, i've never done raiding in vanilla so i got all my vanilla raid experiences in tbc.. :| SAD!

    but yeah, lets move on.
    i like molten core, bwl, aq40/20, zul'gurub etc etc.. but there's so much trash. even it's now easy to clear this instances with less people/soloable by certain classes.. i hate trash. which leads me to hyjal. i wish blizz had put a fast forward button on some stone in there to skip this horrible boring minutes of standing me around in stealth and watching around 20 people do something.

    raiding in wotlk was general a bit meh i think. i really missed that "OMFG YEAAAAAAAAAH" feeling when downing a boss/clearing an instance. i also missed it in the insanity run in totg and doing our ulduar hardmode achieves for the drakes. it's not the instance design, the amount of trash, the boss mechanics.. for me it's just the missing feeling of finally succeed at something, the screaming of 10/25 people on vent after finally killing a boss.... i just missed the epicness in wotlk raiding.

    let's compare this.
    warglaives from illidan. there was magic in the air when a glaive dropped for the very first time, the whole raid was cheering, emoting.. and i was speechless.
    then, in wotlk when we decided to give val'anyr to player x he responded with "ye.. cool".. which made me also speechless.. and after finally throwing the item into yoggi, we went to the room to complete the quest, nobody stayed there for a screenshot memory .. lol :/
    where was the epicness? i mean.. legendary (yes it's just another item which will be replaced later) :O
    and the same thing happend with shadowmourne. there was just O N E 'congrats'. and it was writting in saychat

    raiding and doing instances in wrath of the lich king just disappointed me, i've quit four, five (maybe six?) times during this expansion. reactivated my account a month ago and started to regret it a week after opening my account again.

    hm yeah, i really really REALLY hope the epicness comes back with cataclysm :|
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    1) ToC, worst by far. When it came out and we killed northrend beasts on first try I was like WTF!. After 2 months of grinding the same 5 bosses over and over and over again in the same room made me want to kill myself. But then I changed my mind. Also, the ridiculously low
    2) RS, not much else to say except that filler content sucks.
    3) Lvl 80 Naxxramas. Ive never been to the original one so I cant say that I had to do it again, but the fact that they re-used a raid cause they had nothing better is just dumb. Besides, the whole place was outrageously ugly and dull.
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    Magtheridon was even hard at the beginning....but at first VoA comes, then ToC. Sucked so hardly
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    Ruby Sanctum.It was copied so it was boring tiny instance. Fail of a timer filler imo. :/

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    Being in the same place for several bosses is not fun.

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    1. Voa
    2. Toc

    Anyway whats up with all these "small" wotlk instances? We have Onyxia, VoA, ToC, EoE, RS, OS. 6 FREAKING TINY SHIT INSTANCES?! The only real raids blizz have made in wotlk is Ulduar and ICC. Naxx was a damn copy. I really hope blizz wont be so damn lazy in cata.
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    ToC. everything about that raid is retarded. the idea behind it, the "lore" and the jokes in there that blizz calls "bosses".

    I think blizz felt that they needed to counter the awesomeness of Ulduar with an adversely equal shitty raid. that's my only explanation.

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    Poorly designed? ToC. No trash is nice, and I wouldn't say the bosses were terrible, but it obviously felt a little half-assed with only two different rooms in total. A full clear of Uld or ICC takes 60-90 minutes, at the very fastest. ToC can be cleared in 20.

    Poorly conceptualized? VoA. At the very least, if Blizz feels like giving away current-tier PvE gear with easy bosses, players should still have to clear the whole instance to get it. It's kind've silly that every boss has a room off the same hallway, I doubt anyone has killed Archavon in months. Also, putting high level PvP and PvE gear in an instance only accessible by one faction at a time simply puts the losing faction further and further behind.

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    Just Naxxramas and partly ICC. I'm serious.

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