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    ever had a dream where you...

    were influenced by games you recently played/movies you recently watched? i keep getting weird dreams, one weirder than the other. i don't mind, but as of late, they're getting influenced by whatever game i've been playing recently.

    I just had a dream where I first ran around a village destroyed in WW2, assassin's creed 2 style. then i started to rebuild the village in a style that reminded me of minecraft (never played minecraft btw, just saw vids of it).

    weird? it gets weirder. after i had quite decently rebuilt the city, someone appeared besides me, can't remember who though. i said: "watch this", after which i started to enter the starcraft 2 cheatcodes for ignoring resources and faster building, totally within that dream. i then started to build things that looked more like Star Wars structures, and upgrading my base bigtime, in these strange miniature versions that looked the most like a standard RTS layout.

    after i upgraded to the max, for some weird reason, i could train queen amidala, after which i grew 2 lightsabers out of my hands and flashed around a giant battlefield, slashing down stormtroopers left and right simply by running past them, kind of like in the force unleashed (of which i watched some gameplay footage the day before). it then became blurry right before i woke up, but it was one of the weirder dreams i've had so far. and i've had some pretty WEIRD dreams before.

    anyone who also has this? btw, it's just in my dreams. my real life hasn't been affected by my gaming so far.

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    What exactly were you training Padme to do?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vashdakari View Post
    What exactly were you training Padme to do?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
    it actually wasn't padme, it was the one we assumed to be padme during 3/4 of TPM, until padme's real identity was revealed. and i could just train her like you would an unit in starcraft or empire earth.

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